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GetWisdom Webinar: Cellular Memory as a Cause of Physical Illness 05Sep2021

About The Webinar

How common a problem is cellular memory in physical illness? Creator describes the many problems and situations that arise from the phenomenon of cellular consciousness that can perpetuate symptoms, especially in a majority of chronic illnesses, even though the original condition and its causes have been healed. This brings prolonged suffering and needless medical treatment that will be ineffective and may cause complications.

What kind of maladies exhibit cellular memory complications? We will share Creator’s feedback about a wide variety of examples, and case studies, such as Covid-19 long-haulers, kidney and thyroid problems, ulcerative colitis, allergies, cardiac arrhythmias, chronic pain, and skin problems. We will give an example of the many sufferers with multiple chronic complaints that mainstream approaches cannot address effectively.

What kinds of karmic repair are needed for addressing cellular memory issues? Creator describes the components of the Lightworker Healing Protocol that may all be necessary to address the complex interplay of karmic phenomena that contribute to cellular memory persistence of suffering.

Will Deep Subconscious Channeling with Trauma Resolution help?  Creator discusses the mechanisms of trauma resolution for healing and how going through the deep subconscious via channeling is the most effective approach in correcting cellular memory problems more quickly.