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GetWisdom Webinar: Creator Shares Revelations About Health and Healing 09May2021

 About The Webinar

Does ignorance about the cause of our health problems limit divine healing? 
​​​​​​​Creator explains why divine intervention depends heavily on human intention. Our state of ignorance about the role of karma from prior trauma in causing illness, creates a major barrier to what the divine can do in response to a healing request.

Will a general prayer for help be as effective as one with detailed specifics? 
​​​​​​​Here again, Creator reveals why so many prayers for help can be met with only a weak response, when launched with ignorance about the specific origins and nature of the problem. This discussion is invaluable to gain an understanding of ways to achieve human empowerment when it counts the most—to alleviate suffering.

Are dark thoughts about others harmful if they are never shared? 
​​​​​​​Surprisingly, even though we lack the full empowerment of light beings while physically incarnated, our consciousness extends beyond the self. So dark thoughts can potentially harm others, and will always harm the self, because they will always be seen by the Law of Karma as requiring a repayment. Creator explains that even the thoughts of the deep subconscious we are unaware of consciously, can end up undermining our health and well-being.

If municipal water supplies are dead water, is there a natural substitute? 
​​​​​​​Creator has shared with us that water from nature has beneficial novel life forms unknown to science, which are destroyed by processing through city water treatment plants. Fortunately, there is another source of these health-promoting benefits you can find at your grocery store.