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GetWisdom Webinar – Deep Underground Military (ET) Bases 16Feb2020

About the Webinar

What’s really behind the recent news?
We will share several recent channelings about top news events to reveal the real story behind what’s happening. We will endeavor, in this way, to keep you posted at intervals about unfolding events, rather than wait until we do a webinar devoted to the particular topics they represent.

Is there an underground war being fought with extraterrestrials?
Reports about anomalous seismic activity all around the world are the subject of confusing accounts and continued speculation. Creator tells us it’s all related to extraterrestrial doings, but to help their cause, not ours.

What is the purpose of having deep underground bases?
There are clearly human military uses for underground installations, but the depth and breadth of activity goes far beyond their needs. We discuss how this large network of facilities serves the Dark Extraterrestrial Alliance in numerous ways.

How will deep underground ET bases affect our future?
Rather than being a dry, technical subject, it is central to the unfolding drama affecting the planet and everything on it. We will share what we have learned about the plans underway and their implications for human safety and survival.

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