How the Truth is Kept Hidden from You

If you Google “latest world problems,” the first thing that shows up is this: climate change. We guess that one goes without saying given the Greta Thunberg effect is still going strong. But there’s more: such as security and pollution and political correctness and cultural appropriation. Not too long ago, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was vilified for something he had done far back in the past: blackface.

This was considered tantamount to cultural appropriation and racism and whatnot, and it’s been speculated to hurt the Prime Minister in the upcoming elections.

And speaking of elections, half of the world’s problems remain rooted in this democratic practice. But are there not other problems to boot?

The Invisible Problems of this World

While the world spends their hours tweeting about Trudeau’s blackface and other nonissues (he has apologized for it, by the way, and acknowledges that he hadn’t known any better) such as whether or not Game of Thrones should have won an Emmy, other evils lurk in the the shadows.

Children, dying of bombs and hunger in various war-torn regions. Territories illegally occupied by fascist regimes. Psychopathy that’s leading people toward serial killing and mass shootings. The rising radicalization in the world. The Pope admitting monks kept nuns as sex slaves. The cancer industry is actively eluding finding a cure because they’re too busy making money (as detailed in an article published in the San Francisco Daily Digest that has now vanished from the internet, in only a matter of days).

There’s so much that is so wrong with the world.

But why are we not asking the right questions and seeking not only the wrong answers but also looking in the wrong places?

The Masking of the Truth

Masking of the Truth

Let’s look at the old legend about the Naked Truth and the Lie. It goes that once Truth and Lie took a walk together, when they came upon a well. Lie told Truth that the water was so nice, so cold. Truth didn’t believe him—but she dipped her foot in the water and discovered that the water was indeed nice and cool. She undressed and stepped into the well.

When she came out, Lie had taken off with her clothes, leaving her naked. Since then, Lie has roamed the Earth dressed in Truth’s clothes, and the world has believed him—whereas everyone averts their eyes and turns a cold shoulder towards the truth: because the sight of the naked Truth is too much for them.

Jean-Leon Gerome’s 1896 painting titled “The Truth Coming Out of its Well” depicts just this.

While this might be just a legend after all, it explains many things quite nicely: that people are content being fed lies dressed as truth, swallowing it without question or comment. On the other hand, the naked truth always makes people uncomfortable, and so they turn away from it. Plato said as much himself when he theorized the world of forms.

But this doesn’t mean that the truth is is something that cannot be found or that it’s unattainable. It’s very close to us, within our reach—and we only have to reach out to touch it, to feel it, to embrace it. Opening our hearts towards divine wisdom and enlightenment is only the first step. If you are a seeker of hidden truths, the Get Wisdom Database will be of great help to you.

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