The elections now over, some people have nothing but the deepest sympathies for Bernie Sanders. Some have tried exploring why they think the man was not successful both times—and some have said it’s because Sanders was too vocally socialist. Some see this as a reminder of how great socialism is—but they’re missing the point.

It wasn’t the masses who rejected Sanders. It was his own party. And they had their own justifications.

Democrat socialists have pointed out that Sanders was sidelined because he didn’t really come with the promise of economic growth, and that hindered his success in the electorate.

But let’s say, for once, that socialism did come through in the U.S. Would it work?

The Pros

One needn’t look too far when looking for the pros in socialism—on paper, it puts the pro in the Proletariat.


Of course, socialism comes with a lot of merit. It claims to make people prosper by offering a lot of things for free: healthcare, education, and so on. And that’s an attractive idea: a society where the most basic of necessities are available for free. You’re looking at a reduction in the disparity of wealth among people—as in people might have equal salaries and own equal wealth.

It sounds too perfect—too ideal—too impossible.

While socialism promises free healthcare and financial help for people who can no longer work or are brought down by illness, it also allows for the same for everyone else. You might think prices will be regulated more easily and even unemployment might go down.

However, here’s the catch: the person or persons in charge of these changes and decisions will be human, all too human.

The Cons

There’s just one con to socialism as a form of government: it’s too divine. It purports to divide the means equally among everyone and rule with an absolute just hand—only we forget that humans can never go near that status. We say that the means of production shall be seized and the ends distributed equally among all—but we forget that a wolf will still be guarding the sheep regardless. We forget that the people in charge of pulling the strings are also people—given to the same human errors of judgement and greed as the rest of us.

Sure, they might stop others from accumulating enough wealth or lands—but will they do the same for themselves? Or will it just be capitalism painted red?

The U.S. Economy Doesn’t Allow it

One of the reasons the Democrats might have stood behind Biden and not Bernie is because the U.S. economy is always a priority. A socialist system threatens its very virtue. Financial collapse and gradual devaluation of the dollar are bound to follow. People’s labor will still be put into something, and it will be shared—only in such a system people will just have to accept that what they have is all they could get with a government that mandates equality.

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