DWQA QuestionsCategory: Problems in SocietyThere is a growing interest in socialism as a proposed system for the U.S. government to embrace, with a promised list of free services like universal health care, higher education, guaranteed income, etc. Is this a divine way to organize society? Is there enough wealth, is it even practical?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

This would be a divine way of organizing society if its citizenry were divine beings. While your origin is divine and technically you still are a divine extension of Creator, you are present in a flawed form with a limited and fragile physical existence and limited awareness of the higher realms, how they think, and your true soul potential, let alone having the maturity and divine alignment still to carry out such a program in a fair fashion and deal with the economic consequences. There would be a huge day of reckoning that would be quite painful because the U.S. government is bankrupt and has been for quite a while. It is living on borrowed time through money creation out of thin air at the expense of a devaluation of the U.S. Dollar. This can only happen because the dollar is the world reserve currency, so the U.S. has a unique status and can get away with money printing in a way other nations are not able to do. This will not go on forever and will be a quite painful comeuppance when there is a financial collapse because of the artificial nature in the way the U.S. government operates.

So, with that backdrop, to impose a divine level way of running things where people will all work and work hard in order to do their very best simply because it is the right thing to do, with the fruit of their labor going to the human collective rather than hoarded personally, will be seen as impractical and will not be embraced across the board because it is unworkable. Humans are just not ready for this to be a workable system yet. There are too many ways the system is rigged to reward the few by the labor of the many and this will keep people suspicious and cynical about money going to undeserving recipients. It is not always easy to tell when people are malingering and getting more than their share unfairly. There are many who would exploit a socialist system and, human nature being what it is currently among the physical human population, it would be difficult to keep people highly motivated to make a sacrifice through hard work if too many expensive rewards are simply handed out and become expected as a given simply by existing with no work requirement built-in. So people are seeing that some things like health care ought to be a basic human right and education as well, but this cannot be offered when the current price tag is too great to make it affordable to dispense universally.

You are correct in asking about this because the way prices have mushroomed, it is no longer possible to make a living wage that will pay for all of these services, whether it is done in a capitalist system or done by the government doling it out through a socialist government priority, it is simply not supportable and sustainable through taxation. Even taxing the rich to “pay their fair share” will not bring in enough revenue. The costs have simply escalated to an unsustainable height so this would require a re-engineering of society from top to bottom, especially as regards health care. The cost of educating physicians and in doing research to provide new treatments, even basic education cannot be afforded while paying teachers current salaries without significant taxation, and higher education cannot be given to all under such a system with the current means of financing the cost. This is simply a harsh reality when so many resources have been squandered for so many years and people have not been given a true picture about where money goes and the true cost of things in terms of available capital.