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Considered one of the worst vices among humans, hypocrisy can instantly make someone fall from grace in the eyes of friends, family members, or even strangers on social media. Hypocritical people can be easily identified. No matter how hard they try to put on a façade, their true self becomes apparent once the shiny exterior begins to wear off.

While hypocritical people hurt others, they ultimately hurt themselves the most. In essence, one cannot seek spiritual enlightenment and divine healing without actively undoing the convoluted knots of hypocrisy in their heart.

In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into the very nature of hypocrisy and how it rots one’s mind, soul, heart, and existence. What’s the Creator’s perspective? And how can a hypocritical person break the vicious cycle of hypocrisy? Read on.

1. How Can I Identify Hypocrisy?

When people become self-righteous and consider their opinions, beliefs, views, and postulations to be the “absolute truth,” they dive deeper into the murky waters of hypocrisy. As they place their standpoint on a golden pedestal, they disparage others who think differently.

Their hypocrisy then turns into condescension. By patronizing others, they feel a sense of power. Anyone who disagrees with them is perceived as flawed and of lesser substance and value.

In actuality, hypocritical people are putting on a façade of moral excellence. Once you dig deeper, you quickly realize that the way they live, act, think, and communicate is a contradiction in every definition of the word.

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2. How Does Hypocrisy Slow Down or Completely Thwart the Search for Divine Healing?

People often reach positions of leadership by adopting hypocrisy as a working tool. They maintain a public persona that appears to be an exalted one so they can claim to possess all the virtues one could want. They tirelessly try to prove their strength of character and get a loud round of applause from others.

When the camera is turned off and the curtain is peeled back, these people are revealed to be masterful liars, cheaters, and manipulators. They are able to get away with all kinds of criminal behavior because they aren’t capable of feeling guilty.

This lack of guilt is the hallmark of their inner corruption. It is, as Creator highlights, “the characteristic of sociopaths when there is an extreme absence of conscience.”

Needless to say, these people struggle to embark on the journey to divine healing because they’re ultimately narcissistic to the core. They’re not interested in exploring the hidden truths of the world. They’re simply interested in putting on a front and immaculately maintaining it.

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3. Breaking Free of Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy is extremely common. Fathers, mothers, siblings, sons, daughters, partners, close friends, and relatives can be hypocrites. There’s also a possibility that we have remnants of hypocrisy in our own hearts.

Until we identify hypocrisy within ourselves and strive to actively undo it, we can’t possibly seek spiritual enlightenment. Explore Creator’s answers to common questions about hypocrisy by clicking here.

If you’re struggling to come to terms with this, reach out to Creator today. At Get Wisdom, we’re committed to helping you embark on the path to spiritual enlightenment and live a meaningful life in alignment with the divine principles for living. Explore our healing sessions, wisdom webinars, podcasts, and channeling interviews to get started.

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