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Barbara Bartholic Channeled by Karl Mollison 18July2017

Barbara: The Story of a UFO Investigator

Barbara Bartholic 1939 – 2010

She was an early pioneer in the investigations into the UFO and abduction phenomena. She was a beautiful woman who was a successful model and an art gallery owner in Tulsa, OK.

She was married and took care of a family while also training herself to be one of the most sought after experts on UFO, cattle mutilation and human abduction cases in North America. In her early years in this endeavor she worked closely with Jacques Vallee and later with Dr, Karla Turner.

She was spurned by many in the UFO conference world because the story she discovered and told was not one most liked to hear. It was a much darker narrative than what is popular today.

The evidence and testimonies she uncovered were not ones of positive ET contact, but rather ones of control, abuse, experimentation and torture. She was the first researcher to make the connection between crystal methamphetamine/crank addiction and the reptilians and alien abductions.

Now, so many years later, with the research results continuing from people like Eve Lorgen and James Bartley and the information coming from channeling series with Karl, we are seeing that Barbara was mostly correct in her conclusions about alien and human interactions.

Here in this landmark channeling session we hear about the cause of Barabara’s death, her spirit rescue and the reasons why she did not successfully transition in 2010 and much, much more.

While her story is a sober warning it is also a story of victory in action for she has opened a door that we can all use for our own discoveries and purpose.

Victory to the Divine Human!

From By James Bartley

Alien Abduction Research lost a true pioneer with the passing of Barbara Bartholic. Although Barbara’s work has gone largely unheralded (except amongst the many people she helped) her legacy lives on in the form of cutting edge research amongst her protégés and an understanding amongst serious researchers of the primary role played by the Reptilians in alien abductions. Barbara laid the groundwork for a deeper understanding of the Reptilian Overlordship. Indeed Barbara coined the phrase “Reptilian Overlordship.” Barbara delved deeper than most abduction researchers. She didn’t turn away from confronting or unsettling information. I am proud to say that I was a protégé of Barbara Bartholic. I worked closely with Barbara for many years and was able to gain a better understanding of my own alien abduction experiences through my close relationship with Barbara. In so doing I was able to help other abductees who sought me out in order to gain a better understanding of their own experiences. I am but one of countless people who have greatly benefited from Barbara’s sage advice and counsel. The first and foremost of Barbara’s protégés was the late great Dr. Karla “Kandy” Turner. Barbara Bartholic and Kandy Turner formed the greatest partnership in UFO Research history. Barbara worked behind the scenes and Kandy brought the findings of Barbara to the attention of the UFO Research Community. Kandy became an outstanding alien abduction researcher in her own right. Kandy and her family were alien abductees who had obtained help from Barbara.

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