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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 08Aug2017

1)  Are actions such as abortion and assisted suicide deliberately seeded into the consciousness of humanity to create karmic debt?

2)  Has the opposition to such actions been deliberately exaggerated to ensure that much of humanity would dismiss the energetic consequences that may be buried in religious doctrine?

3)  Is it possible for a Creator’s plan to fail? Or is it by definition predestined because it is Creator’s plan?

4)  How is the light winning when the darkness seems so prevalent and even seems to be increasing?

5)  How great is the threat to humanity by artificial intelligence?

6)  It has been claimed that the representatives of an ET race have met physically with at least one human secret space program experiencer to promote their message for humanity, that is essentially the golden rule, that we need to become more service to others, raise our consciousness, and forgive ourselves and others. What can possibly be wrong with this?

7)  What is the significance of climate change and should it be considered anthropogenic?

8)  Are extraterrestrial and Earth based military abduction still occurring and what is the purpose?

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