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As channeling takes hold in conversations happening online and offline, it’s become a sad fact that above 90% of the channelers that claim to be true communicators are mostly false ones. It’s not even entirely their fault, since extraterrestrial mind control can be so hard to spot and get rid of.

However, if you’re a novice channeler and you feel like there’s something off about the communication you’re receiving, you should stop and take stock with the help of a senior and experienced channeler.

Here are some key starting points for you to explore.

Trust Your Intuition

When you communicate with The Creator or an angel, the information is coming from the most knowledgeable source in the universe. Even if the information seems contradictory, it will prove to work out or be in line with a basic intuition that you possess.

However, extraterrestrials will try to convince you that their communication is channeled wisdom. In that case, your gut feeling may be telling you that this information doesn’t seem to be working as well.

That could be your inner self telling you something or The Creator making brief contact to help you identify false channeling.

Self-Correct and Question Yourself

Just like any scientifically grounded method, it’s important not to suspend your senses too much to the point that you stop questioning what you receive from higher beings. When you ask questions from The Creator, you will receive an answer at some point, in some way.

However, Annunaki psychics will struggle with maintaining a ruse that is constantly being questioned. That is your chance to identify and break free from their control.

Don’t Rush Your Channeling Education

The biggest challenge with divine channeling is figuring out how to maintain a clear connection with a reliable source. During the learning process, novice channelers may struggle with establishing a clear connection, which may lead them to establish one with a dark being.

That’s why the learning curve of a channeler must be slow and steady. There are lessons that one can only learn from practice and slow observation. By trying to speed up that process, a channeler is handing themselves on a plate to the dark beings.

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Understand and Negotiate Your Emotions

Sometimes, vulnerability to darkness is the ultimate flaw for a channeler. Without going through emotional introspection or advanced energy treatment, channelers leave their emotions open for manipulation.

As humans, we contain plenty of potential for darkness and if we don’t keep that in check, then looking for enlightenment is in vain.

However, all is not lost. Ask The Creator a question or consult with Karl Mollison for divine healing services that can set you back on the right path for goodness and honesty.

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