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Prayer Analysis with Karl Mollison 28Dec2017

Creator’s Prayers

Raise Belief Quotient in the Divine and Oneself
“Source Creator, raise me up each and every day to feel divine love, to open to divine love, and to express divine love through me in all I do.”

Saving Oneself and Humanity
“Source Creator, be my partner in life each and every day, to keep me focused on love, receiving and giving, both to myself and to all those around me.”

“Source Creator, partner with me in my life each and every day to keep me safe, to guide, heal, support, and protect against all who oppose bringing forward the truth of the divine.”

Air, Meal, and Beverage Blessing
“Source Creator, bless my air, food, and drink each and every day, and everything within, to remove all negativity, add what is missing to create an ideal nutritional balance, heal any exaggerated consequences of nutrition, and restore a healthy equilibrium in the working of the body, for the well-being of all who partake.”

Medication Blessing
“Source Creator, bless my medication each and every day to remove all negativity and leave only what is highest and best.”

“Source Creator, help me each and every day, to keep my body safe and strong in all ways by making healthy choices, and seek those things that reward and support a long and happy life. Correct all inner discord and signs of illness within, according to my highest good.”

“Source Creator, guide and support me each and every day in my life journey, leading me to health, wealth, happiness, and love through all I do. And help all my loved ones achieve the same by making healthy choices and seeking those things that are rewarding and support a long and happy life.”

Manifesting Abundance
“Source Creator, help me each and every day to find the best expression of my soul, to be rewarded in my life with a flow of abundance to keep me safe, protected, supported, and have all of the benefits of financial security, to help me continue expressing the highest version of myself without fear and without worry.”

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