Webinar: Karma We Share With Extraterrestrials 16Dec2018

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What we’ll cover in this event …

Are ET Entanglements A Result of Our Human Karma?
Karl and Denny explore Creator’s response to this question.

What Are the Karmic Consequences for the ETs?
Karl and Denny will share Creator’s revelations about the karmic bed the ETs are making for themselves. Is karmic backlash something the ETs can dodge or postpone? Can our karma or their’s even be “weaponized” and used against humanity?

What Will Be the Outcome, and WHO Determines It?
Has karma already sealed humanity’s fate? If not, what must be done for humanity to escape its draconian entanglements with the ETs? Creator will spill the beans on this critical question.

Healing BOTH the Victim and Perpetrator
Karl and Denny will go over in detail how The Lightworker Healing Protocol is the only GENUINE solution for permanently solving the problem of humanity’s ultimate karmic destiny.

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Prayer Analysis with Karl Mollison 28Dec2017

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Prayer Analysis with Karl Mollison 28Dec2017

Creator’s Prayers

Raise Belief Quotient in the Divine and Oneself
“Source Creator, raise me up each and every day to feel divine love, to open to divine love, and to express divine love through me in all I do.”

Saving Oneself and Humanity
“Source Creator, be my partner in life each and every day, to keep me focused on love, receiving and giving, both to myself and to all those around me.”

“Source Creator, partner with me in my life each and every day to keep me safe, to guide, heal, support, and protect against all who oppose bringing forward the truth of the divine.”

Air, Meal, and Beverage Blessing
“Source Creator, bless my air, food, and drink each and every day, and everything within, to remove all negativity, add what is missing to create an ideal nutritional balance, heal any exaggerated consequences of nutrition, and restore a healthy equilibrium in the working of the body, for the well-being of all who partake.”

Medication Blessing
“Source Creator, bless my medication each and every day to remove all negativity and leave only what is highest and best.”

“Source Creator, help me each and every day, to keep my body safe and strong in all ways by making healthy choices, and seek those things that reward and support a long and happy life. Correct all inner discord and signs of illness within, according to my highest good.”

“Source Creator, guide and support me each and every day in my life journey, leading me to health, wealth, happiness, and love through all I do. And help all my loved ones achieve the same by making healthy choices and seeking those things that are rewarding and support a long and happy life.”

Manifesting Abundance
“Source Creator, help me each and every day to find the best expression of my soul, to be rewarded in my life with a flow of abundance to keep me safe, protected, supported, and have all of the benefits of financial security, to help me continue expressing the highest version of myself without fear and without worry.”

Phil Schneider Channeled by Karl Mollison 05May2017

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Phil Schneider Channeled by Karl Mollison 05May2017

Phil Schneider was a geologist, engineer, and explosives expert who was employed by the government and government contractors during 1970s and 80’s in the boring of the covert tunnel system underneath the United States. This led to his exposure to many classified government projects and cover-ups including a battle between Grey extraterrestrials and U.S. soldiers in a deep underground base near Dulce New Mexico. Phil was born in 1947 to a Navy captain who himself was involved in A-bomb testing in the Pacific and the infamous “Philadelphia Experiment”.

As a protection against assassination, Phil began telling what he knew at various conferences and lectures during the 1990’s. He died in his Oregon home in 1996 under suspicious circumstances that authorities attributed to suicide.

Questions for Phil Schneider

  1. You were employed by the government as a geologist in the construction of massive tunnels under the Western part of North America, is this correct? How extensive is the tunnel system under America and across the world today? Are extraterrestrial beings also living in these underground bases and which ones?

  2. You reported a mishap that occurred in 1979 in a deep underground base located under a mesa near Dulce New Mexico. Can you elaborate on this incident? What was the purpose of the Dulce base? Was it recently damaged? If it was damaged can you elaborate? If it is still in operation; in what capacity?
  3. You felt certain that your father, Captain Oscar Schneider, was somehow involved in the “Philadelphia Experiment”. Have you verified this? Can you describe this project in detail and its effects on other time lines?

  4. You had a friend who told you about a Portland Oregon manufacturing company that received a portion of a government contract to build over 100,000 railroad cars with shackled seating, to accommodate 15 million prisoners. Can you verify that now? Is there an ongoing governmental plan to incarcerate U.S. Citizens in the future?

  5. It was reported that you committed suicide in your home in January 1996. Please relate exactly what happened to cause your death.

  6. Why was I strongly compelled to choose you as a subject for channeling at this time?

  7. What advice can you give to current government whistle blowers?

Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 27April2017

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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 27April2017

From Karl –

“So the idea of even talking to Creator is somewhat new for me. It took me years to get here. And I was influenced by the same notions that have been conveyed by the spiritual folk themselves “Oh you can’t really talk to Creator there’s too much energy there, it would be overwhelming, probably even fatal, if you tried to do that. Creator doesn’t deal with us, that’s what the angels are for blah, blah, blah” and so on.

 And I always assumed that was so.”

  1. If you were to be characterized as male or female to assist humans to understand you better which would be more accurate?
  2. What is the difference between a corrupted source and an uncorrupted source?
  3. Does a corrupted source depend on the source’s intention? What are the other factors?
  4. Would it be accurate to say that no good alien has an agenda to physically appear to humans?
  5. What can whistleblowers and others concerned about the interference by extraterrestrials do to help humanity?