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Reptilian in the Light Channeled by Karl Mollison 22May2018

Questions for the Light Being Reptilian 22May2018

1) What is the role fear plays in the Reptilian culture and is there any awareness among incarnated Reptilians of Creator of All That Is?

2) Is there a memory within the Reptilian culture of a time prior to dark spirit infestation of Reptilians?

3a) What is the explanation and rationale for why the Reptilians are working against humanity?

3b) Is there any truth to the widely held notion that Reptilians inter-breed with humans?

4) Was any of the information from the interview with Lacerta from 1999 in southern Sweden valid or true?

5) What can you tell us about the Reptilian replacement of humans that involves prominent royals and political figures and how far back does this activity go in human history?

6) Can you give us a short history of the Reptilians and your origin?

7) Do you have contact with or are you connected in some way to the other reptilian species that we know on earth such as snakes, lizards and other types of reptiles?

8) If Humans and the Divine Realm is successful what do you think will happen to the Reptilians that abduct and use humans?

9) Are there any living Reptilians that support humans? If so, are they segregated from their fellows due to this support?

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