Serial killers are a rare occurrence and serial sexual homicides account for less than one percent of all homicides in the United States. However, they are considered dangerous because of the high number of victims for each serial killer compared to single or other multiple victim homicides.

Ted Bundy — A Disturbed Individual or A Malignant Being

One of the most notorious serial killers is none other than Ted Bundy. The man hardly requires an introduction and openly confessed to killing at least 28 women before he was executed for his crimes in 1989. The authorities believe that more than 28 women fell victim to his killing spree. One of the most fascinating things about the case of Ted Bundy was how charming he was and how many of his victims fell prey to his captivating personality. That begs the question of whether he was just a disturbed individual living out his deranged fantasies or were there some dark forces that were controlling this man?

The One That Got Away

While his gruesome track record supports the argument that the man was indeed being led by some dark forces, looking at the events of women that got away and avoided becoming another victim of Bundy, also shows evidence of the Divine. Sotria Kritsonis recalled her own escape from Bundy in 1972 and has thanked the foresight that made her get a haircut a few days before. According to Sotria, she got in his car after Bundy pulled up at the bus stop and offered her a ride. Moments later, Bundy started menacing her and she realized she was trapped because the passenger door had no inside handle. Terrified, she started praying. Bundy told her to take her hat off. After looking at her new haircut he stopped the car and shoved her out. She realized Bundy must have been stalking her for some time. In fact, Bundy sought out women victims with long brown hair. Getting her hair cut short saved her.

Coincidence Or Divine Knowledge?

Now the question begs to be asked, what compelled Sotria to get a haircut just a few days before, when Bundy was likely targeting and stalking her? Was it a coincidence or Divine guidance at work that day?

According to another survivor Carol DaRonch, she sensed something was wrong the moment she sat in the car with Bundy which alerted her to the possibility of there being something more than meets the eye.

Human beings by instinct seek the truth and have an innate ability to sense when something isn’t right. It could be the dark agenda of extraterrestrials who are controlling people such as serial killers and pedophiles, and dark spirits causing the corruption of their soul, making them perform acts that are inherently evil in nature. Partnering with the Divine through prayer can allow Divine intervention when you need it most.

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