Webinar: Divine Encouragement About Our Troubled World 10Nov2019

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What we’ll cover in this event  …

How Could a Loving God Allow so Many to Suffer?
This is a question asked again and again and again all through the ages, so when we received a recent client inquiry about this issue, we passed the penetrating question to Creator of All That Is for an update on Creator’s current thinking about the state of the world and the rationale for human existence. Creator’s message of encouragement explains our ability to obtain divine help for healing our way forward.

Is Harsh Experience Really the Best Path for Human Growth?
Here a viewer questions the motives and choices of Creator in making a world such as ours, where life can be tough and failure catastrophic. Creator explains the wisdom behind the free will paradigm, despite its difficulties and possibilities for compounding errors that can make people fall behind and face even greater obstacles in the future.

Did We Create This Mess? Does God Regret Our Freedom?
A viewer who sees the problems humans have and cause for others, and feels some personal responsibility for their own wrongdoing, asks about whether the Almighty has similar thoughts and possibly regrets about all that is underway. Another person wonders if it might be better to let humanity fail, if only to end the ongoing suffering of people, generation after generation. Creator opens up about its perspective and concerns, but gives loving reassurance that Creator has faith in us, even as we doubt ourselves and our ability to endure.

Is the Eternal Future Truly Better, or Just More of the Same? 
A viewer raises an important question about being all too human and what that may mean, if the current reincarnation paradigm means we return to lifetime after lifetime as the same person, to pick up where we left off. What can a person who lacks talent, great intellect, or other positive attributes compared to most people expect to gain from an eternal existence, if their shortcomings are soul characteristics? Creator provides much needed encouragement about the true potential within each one of us to have many new adventures tapping into truly vast resources within our soul. We’re just getting started!

Viewer Questions and Answers
The Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about divine encouragement about our troubled world …