Webinar: How Channelers Can Validate Their Sources 28Apr2019

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What we’ll cover in this event  …

Does Channeling Have a Realistic Future?

Karl & Denny will share what Creator says about the many problems with channeled  information and the continued lack of awareness and complacency of the   channelers themselves, who are mostly (over 90%) being duped by imposters.

Is it Self-Deception to Think One Can Channel Higher Self?

Karl & Denny will share Creator’s revelations on another area of concern with the spiritual community encouraging everyone to communicate with their higher self, when they may well end up connecting to an imposter. We will discuss this issue and its consequences so people are forewarned.


Is There a Fool-Proof Way to Verify a Channeling Connection?

Karl has pondered this problem for quite a while and finally came up with an answer that was under our noses all the while. Karl & Denny will share this insight, and tell you how it is done.

How Does This Innovation Potentially Affect Our Future?

Creator has shared with us what this can mean and how this can play out for the good of all.

Viewer Questions and Answers:

The Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about how channelers can validate their sources …