The Dangers of Tantric Sex in Light of Rosemary’s Baby

It’s been glamorized to death by the yoga-loving first-world like the concept of nirvana, but neonatra—or tantric sex—remains essentially a Buddhist concept. Linked to sacred sexuality in those ancient cultures and religions, the concept refers to certain tantric practices that are supposed to “liberate” the mind and its energies.

In fact, the Washington Post suggests that tantra in America is now limited to sexual practices alone. Whatever the scale of popularity, one thing remains unquestioned and unchallenged in Western circles: that tantric sex is supposedly some spiritual intercourse that elevates the involved persons onto a higher plane.

And that’s where things start to go wrong.

Is Manipulating Energy a Good Idea?

Everyone has an auric field and certain energies attached to them. The order of these energies is pre-determined for a reason—and is altered when someone chooses to engage in tantric sex.

When you indulge in such practices and effectively manipulate your energy, your energy fields shift and rearrange. This might elevate you to a new spiritual plane. But what this does most of the times is make you vulnerable and opens up channels for spirit infestation. Spirit attachment and possession are very likely outcomes of tantric sex—and they’re not very nice experiences to go through.

auric field

Dark entities hovering around will find the foothold that they’ve been seeking, and they can enter you easily when both your mind and body are in such a vulnerable position. It’s a risk and a hazard that’s not recommended.

The Consequences

While spirit attachment and possession are the most obvious consequences, there could be other consequences too. You could be pulled toward ill and evil, led astray, forced to behave in a sinister manner. Your body will move on the orders of those who possess you and your soul will be corrupted.

The disturbing film Rosemary’s Baby is a good example of how dangerous something like neonatra can be. The protagonist, Rosemary, wakes up from a strange dream: in the dream she had been sexually assaulted by a demonic entity.

Her husband tells her that they did have intercourse the last night, and Rosemary dismisses the dream. However, when she falls pregnant and gives birth, it is revealed that she gives birth to Satan’s baby. This all might be just fiction, but has its roots in tales that have lived on since centuries.

More from Karl Mollison

It’s imperative to understand that nefarious forces are always out there, always seeking to drive a rift through the fabric of human lives and connections. They desire to rule and reign over our already-crumbling world, and we need to be always on our guard. You can read more about sexual experiences, energies of Gaia, and vulnerability on channeler and spiritual healer Karl Mollison’s website

If you feel that your soul or spirit has been compromised or made vulnerable in any way, reach out to the team at today. We can help you heal.

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