Every human has already lived 423 lifetimes on average. Yes, 423—that’s a lot by any measure! One lifetime sounds like an eternity; you can only imagine what 400+ lifetimes would seem like.

During each lifetime, people experience a wide range of feelings: happiness, sorrow, pain, regret, guilt, resentment, heartbreak, and many others. Unfortunately, a lot of dark emotions and experiences are embedded in past lifetimes. These may include trauma, abuse, and deep suffering.

In their present life, every human carries their karmic baggage that includes all of these emotions and experiences. In this blog, we’ll offer a closer look at the importance of understanding your karmic heritage and healing backlog. Let’s dive right into it.

The Effects of Karmic Traumas

In many cases, people think that they’re suffering solely because of their present circumstances. This may be true. However, it’s also possible that the person just has a severe and complex karmic history.

Many people with chronic life difficulties experience problems that arise from interference all through human history by the main sources of evil: dark spirits and the Extraterrestrial Alliance. This is true because most major challenges in life can be traced to these interlopers, either directly or indirectly.

According to Creator, “Karmic traumas all come about because of the manipulation of the human population individually and collectively. This creates a very significant backlog of unhealed trauma that looms in their current life and needs to be resolved in one way or another.”

Understanding this is imperative as it allows a person to seek healing accordingly.

Taking the Right Course of Action


Your karmic baggage can only be addressed and carefully navigated if you work with a trained healing practitioner. As a person seeks divine healing, they get a chance to identify and work through their karmic and spirit problems. This is imperative as these intricate problems need to be worked on systematically, to reach their deepest roots.

If you’ve been experiencing physical, mental, or emotional issues, they were likely triggered by your karmic backlog, and working with a healing practitioner will help alleviate them. At Get Wisdom, we’re committed to helping people heal their karmic wounds and live healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives.

Our Lightworker Healing Protocol (LHP) program is designed to help identify each individual’s karmic baggage and address it accordingly.

If you’re looking for additional resources and services, browse through our subconscious channelings, advanced energy treatments, divine channelings, divine inspiration sessions, hidden truth podcasts, and spiritual training courses.

Learn why you are being awakened to get started.

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