External manipulations are high-level psychic attacks that often worsen a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health. Unfortunately, many people solely attribute physical discomfort to an injury, internal musculoskeletal damage, or any other cause relating to the body, age, genetics, or an individual’s lifestyle.

While keeping these factors in mind is extremely important, other causes shouldn’t be ruled out. External manipulations also exacerbate physical ailments. Let’s discuss this further.

1. The Reason Behind External Manipulations That Result in Physical Discomfort

A reader recently reached out to us asking why their physical pain was intensified to the point that they couldn’t move. Unfortunately, this is a common consequence of external manipulations constraining the person and limiting their progress.

As a result, the person often develops chronic pain which, in turn, affects their mental and emotional well-being. It becomes extremely difficult for people to live with chronic pain.

According to Creator, “It is truly torture and torment on all levels of being.” External manipulators turn to this dark, deeply injurious tactic because of their inherent heartlessness and cruelty.

2. Recovering From External Manipulations

It’s important to understand that external manipulators have no right to cause physical harm to a person. For this reason, they cannot win. According to Creator, “If you remain strong in keeping the partnership with us going, we can help you get through this and live to see a better day.”

How do we accomplish this? Through prayer and healing work. All difficulties imparted by the external manipulations of perpetrators must be countered with deep, effective healing that invites positivity, peace, contentment, and—most importantly—physical ease into a person’s life.

3. How Can I Get Started?

Are you struggling to seek relief from your physical ailment? You may be leaving the root causes unaddressed. Our Lightworker Healing Protocol (LHP) sessions are designed to offer protection and healing to improve your physical health.

We work on understanding the specific underlying factors that have exacerbated your physical health. Your karmic history may be causing you harm. Or perhaps you’re dealing with spirit attachments. People commonly have both problems worsening things.

By identifying and taking care of all negative elements that are affecting you, we ensure that you can get back on track and live a fulfilling life that’s free from the discomfort that was being caused.

If you’re looking for more services and resources from us, explore our subconscious channelings, advanced energy treatments, divine channelings, divine inspiration sessions, hidden truth podcasts, and spiritual training courses.

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