What is mind control like? Is it like Count Dracula’s mischievous maneuvers in Bram Stoker’s novel, or is it more like West World’s robotics? Is it magic or mechanics? And how do aliens do it?

Not Listening

How could making someone immune to hearing be a method of mind control? How about when it’s making a majority of the population immune to listening to (or believing) something you’re saying?

Why is there so much brouhaha when it comes to accounts of alien extraterrestrials and possessions? Why do people choose to refute UFOs despite official videos being released? Why do people still turn up their noses and cordon off their ears when some of the world’s most famous biologists and physicists tell them that extraterrestrials exist?

You may call it cognitive dissonance or you may call it confirmation bias—it doesn’t matter, for the mechanism is always the same: make people scoff at the truth to the point where lies are all they know.

This is also a method of mind control that’s generally employed by the reptilians and Arcturians. It helps them control just how much information they want to disseminate at what point in time.

Despite their superior plane of existence and advancement, they are still wary of flooding humans with information that could unite the planet against an extraterrestrial alliance.

How Many Strategies are “They” Using to Control Us?

There isn’t one.

They Using to Control Us

There are several.

The first of the many is, obviously, the tech-related. Electromagnetics is a major part of dismantling and disseminating information—from electronic media to otherworldly messages, we can be sure that angry electrons are a big part of the mechanism.

There are multiple layers to this. How does one hide something as frequent as alien abductions—and how do these discussions disappear from everyday conversations? Either someone wants us to know something or they don’t—and they have both the skill and sources to manipulate us.

Then, of course, there are the more direct forms of manipulation: abduction and possession, inception, implanting ideas in our heads, and using human channels such as the media to further them.

Need to Find Out More?

You can ask the Creator any question that keeps popping up in your head—because what better wisdom is there if not divine wisdom? Alternatively, you can join the Get Wisdom forum to connect with like-minded individuals and have rich, intense discussions with them. It’s never too late to ask questions, whether they’re about mind control, extraterrestrial agendas, or anything else.

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