DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlWhat are the different types of control mechanisms used to control human beings physically and/or mentally, and which beings—humans, Reptilians, Greys, Nordics, Anunnaki, AI or other—have a part in each one?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

This is a quite complex subject. Being mindful of the time constraints of this forum, we cannot do it full justice. Therefore, we will recount the players and recount the means through which things can operate. First of all, we have technological implementation of varying strategies. There are electromagnetic frequencies to convey information that are used to broadcast propaganda. This humans do to one another—the entirety of the media constitute a disinformation campaign from first to last. The presence of opposing voices does not mean one is right and the other is wrong. They are usually both wrong but for different reasons. They are wrong in being incomplete and treating things superficially, as well as the veracity of their conclusions and ideologies. But behind it all is an orchestration through mind control to determine the messages. Which news stories rise to the level of being shown and discussed?

Many experiences that reveal truths about what is happening behind the scenes will never see the light of day. A good example of this is the disappearance from the public arena and discussion for many decades of the issue of flying saucers, extraterrestrial observations, and so on. Human abductions proceed by the thousands every day, and it never reaches the news. This is deliberate. It is not that the people do not come forward and sound the alarm. No one will listen. That is mind control as well. So it is a perfect system. The people in the media are mind controlled to not believe the phenomena and to disregard any stories, witnesses, or any kind of evidence. They will defer it to someone else, and those so-called experts will defer it to someone else. Then the information never comes back down the line, because the people do not believe it in the first instance and may only seek to have it explored by someone else, in order to handle it and maintain their surface appearance of diligence. So it is a secret that keeps the secret. If stories come on the screen, the viewers themselves will not believe it. It is a perfect system in that regard.

Humans are corrupted or are talking to other humans who are corrupted. Humans who are largely complacent are talking to other humans who are largely complacent. The media will whip up interest in suffering because they know that gets viewers, and it does influence and affect people. We are not robotics down here. The humans are still thinking, feeling and being spiritual in their very essence. So the subjugation is not total; it is considerable. Humans do this to one another, and they use every means of technology. It is orchestrated from behind the scenes so that every type of electronic device increasingly is designed and manufactured to emit electromagnetic signals that are perceived within the human being and serve as subliminal programming—meaning, below conscious awareness. This is insidious, and it is uniform across the planet.

As humans merrily look forward to the day of Universal Internet for all on the globe, what this means as well is universal daily propaganda, mind subjugation, and manipulation across the board—inescapable. It will reach you through music, through radio, through television and increasingly through household appliances. This is simple to do, and it is beamed through the microwave towers which support your friendly cell phones. When you sit and look at your cell phone, you are being mind controlled and managed. It is relentless; it goes on 24/7.

This is one aspect, and it is coming from the extraterrestrials. They do direct manipulation of the mind. This is largely done through the Anunnaki, but it is engaged in also by the Reptilian psychics as well as the Arcturians with their attempts to manipulate humans. They are the creators of the robotic Greys that are commonly seen in movie scripts representing extraterrestrial life—the big black eyes, the short stature, and the humanoid, almost child-like, diminutive beings. These are artificial intelligences at work. They are sinister because they desire to be autonomous, they desire to have a soul, and they are trying to gain that from studying human beings and dissecting them—literally, on a genomic and physical level both. They use humans as lab rats in effect, to study our inner workings in an attempt to replicate what we do with reincarnation. This is what they seek. They do not seek a divine existence. They do not understand that. They also want an emotional life which they do not understand either. They know how to make humans feel love. They know how to stimulate sexual desire within human beings. They engage in many reproductive experiences by impulsing humans with sexual desire in order to breed with an alien hybrid being, or another human with whom they want to make a genetic cross take place. Then there is no ability to resist. They can send feelings of love into a person to make that person think that alien loves them. But it is phony—entirely; it is a manipulation.

The extraterrestrials produce various types of implants. This is carried out through abductions by the Arcturians—the Greys as their workers—and Reptilians who engage as well. They are all in partnership. All the physical ETs are in partnership, including the Anunnaki, who have a formal Extraterrestrial Alliance that agrees on who does what in a cooperative manner, and all with a future expectation of personal benefit. They use humans as slaves, they use humans for experimentation, and they use humans as food. They uniformly despise and distain humans as lesser beings, all the more so because humans give them a hard time. The divine realm looking down on this views an individual such as your channel, who is starting to identify with the plight of human in the face of all this and understands the difficulty and challenges. Humans are up to the challenge. They just need to be shown the way.

The extraterrestrials, both Anunnaki and the Reptilians, have micro technologies they use for further manipulation. The Anunnaki have the oldest civilization, and their technology is superior. But both use what has been termed “microchips” to implant humans with a kind of transducer that will allow the transmission of electromagnetic frequencies into a person and then have that translated into a conversation with the subconscious level of the human mind. This is the most insidious form of manipulation that one could devise—to put within a person’s own mind a propaganda artist, an onboard naysayer, who will undermine them at every turn, discourage them, frighten them, fill them with falsehoods to mistrust their neighbors, to mistrust their own institutions, and to look askance at people who are different in any way.

When you think about the race-based culture of the United States, why does that culture not simply die through common sense—that people should not be in chains and forced to do another’s bidding? The essence of the problem is that it is perpetuated by the interlopers, including the dark spirits. There are karmic winds that also carry this forward. But always humans have a choice—to listen to the whisper of karma and act on it or to rise above it, and thereby heal that negativity calling to them. If they hear only propaganda which is relentlessly promulgated by the interlopers, they may well make a bad choice and believe the inner naysayer. The mistrust and doubt among races will persist indefinitely under these conditions. It is built in; it is supported on an on-going basis; it is reinforced relentlessly to keep people in opposition to one another. This drags down humanity and limits human progress, and this is what the interlopers all wish to see—down to the very last being. You have no friends among them. You only have impostors with covert agendas that will come forward with a cover story.

The alien microchip technologies are disseminated through the actions of humans themselves. They are almost ubiquitous in fast foods and many beverages obtainable from the grocery store. This is the extent of their reach.  Therefore, there is no way to escape this at present unless you stop eating and drinking and give up all your technology. Then you still may inhale something dropped from a plane courtesy of your government. So the solution must come elsewhere. This again is where we come in, as the divine level. We are the only source of power that can enable you to surmount all these difficulties stacked up against you.

If you see the breadth and depth of this, you can see this is certainly sufficient to cause a state of alarm—if it is true. This is your challenge, to heed these words, give them their due, think about the potential consequences, if so, and look at what your response might be. We are not asking you to sue a corporation, and go forth to challenge what they might be doing, and to accuse them of poisoning the populace. We are only asking you to reach out to us with a request for human betterment, for love to be brought in for all in service to the light and divine truth, for the freedom of humanity, and for free choice for all—unhindered and unhampered by the darkness in the hearts of many, many beings. That’s all. That is a small price to pay personally for us to take on this challenge on your behalf.