The Rising Cases of Prominent Men and Sexual Harassment

Years ago, sexual harassment was rarely mentioned— the term was not much used in those days. That’s not to say it didn’t happen, but there’s no denying that the cases have become widely popularized in the last few years. Today, there are many powerful men being accused of sexual harassment— and many who’ve had these allegations proven and  in many cases there is strong evidence piling up against them.

And that’s only the powerful men on the accusation list—the list of other men who are safe by virtue of not being wildly popular might be longer still. This actually is a very ancient and multi-cultural problem.

The Men on Trial

Vox published a stark and chilling list of famous men who have been accused of sexual harassment—the list includes Trump, Ronaldo, Spacey and Weinstein. It was started in 2017, of course, with the Weinstein accusation—and there were dozens of women from all around the world ready with statements against him. Thus, began the #MeToo movement, and it kept on growing . . . and growing . . . and growing.

Eventually, more revered names such as that of Bryan Singer (of the X-Men movies and Bohemian Rhapsody) and even Michael Jackson emerged. And it wasn’t just the men in ‘showbiz,’ if that’s what you’re thinking. Even, Neil deGrasse Tyson of Cosmos had joined the list.

Is it Karmic? Or is There Spirit Meddling Involved?


Our guess? Probably both. The causes are often various, with men’s karmic histories playing a huge role while spirit meddlers are a less appreciated phenomenon.  But we won’t repeat that age-old mantra that you’re tired of hearing—that it’s “just hormones.” If you look at history, you’ll see very clearly that the track record men have of predatory behavior isn’t exactly sporadic. Social forces and darker ones have aided and abetted this behavior, and it has been thus solidified.

And, of course, the dark forces—they are always out there, waiting for us to err even in the slightest—take full advantage of this weakness that many of the men of this world harbor.

What the Forces Get Out of This

It’s sometimes easy to see what they might get out of this. When one aids and abets a person who preys on another person, they have a hand in causing harm. They’re complicit in the hurt and damage caused. This benefactor is a dark spirit who feeds off the perpetrator AND the victim. And of course, they feed on the energies derived from the sexual gratification, pain, remorse and regret they receive from such episodes.

Additionally, this form of behavior on the part of the males (and which may keep coming back to them due to their karmic histories) adds to the growing resentment and distrust in society. For the dark spirit it is a win/win. There is specie-on-specie hate with one faction of humans being rightly wary of the other. The only thing this does is keep the human family divided against itself. And a house that is against itself cannot stand long.  And this situation, as described, greatly helps the extraterrestrial agenda.

Read in detail spiritual healer and channeler Karl Mollison’s explanation of this issue here.

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