DWQA QuestionsCategory: Problems in SocietyMen in prominent positions are increasingly being accused of sexual harassment or assault. What percent of this behavior is karmic and what percent is spirit meddler induced and what percent is caused by extraterrestrial mind control?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

There is often a mix of causal elements. As you can imagine, many males have a prior karmic history of preying on females. This is not because of hormones per se, but the historical track record was itself an ongoing recapitulation of generations of male predatory behavior that was aided and abetted by social forces. And programming instilled by the extraterrestrials to cause trouble and undermine humans was further encouraged by spirits that lurk, wanting to harm the victim as well as have the gratification of the sexual energy of the attacker increased by such conduct.

The ramped-up emotional energy by a percentage of males having this karmic history keeps the pattern ongoing to amplify widespread victimization and mistrust. So the programming and the fact that already nine out of 10 people are infiltrated by the spirit meddlers adds to the plight of humans. The dark spirits stir up the karmic forces of negativity and encourage their host to indulge. Most men will resist and exercise better judgment than transgression. So karma serves the expression of character, creates self-control and containment of the darker impulses and will support the stable, moral, considerate men who can be trusted.