Internet marketers have figured out three major subjects of interest that categorize the vast majority of customers. Most people are interested in either, health and fitness, money and prosperity, or love and relationships. There is arguably a fourth category, “beauty” that is pursued predominantly by women. These categories pretty much cover the gamut of human desire.

Yet in spite of the billions of dollars spent in pursuit of these desires, most people fail to experience the happiness they sought – and continue to seek. If they experience any pleasure at all, it is fleeting and gone in the blink of an eye.

What is behind all this FRENZY? It’s almost as

if people are running away from something. Over a century ago, Thoreau  penned these famous words:

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation. From the desperate city you go into the desperate country, and have to console yourself with the bravery of minks and muskrats. A stereotyped but unconscious despair is concealed even under what are called the games and amusements of mankind. There is no play in them, for this comes after work.”

We collectively assume that stress and anxiety are just an unavoidable feature of being human. We talk about “reducing” stress and anxiety, but nobody ever talks about “eliminating” it. It’s universally accepted that some level of stress and anxiety will remain, no matter how idyllic one’s life might become. No matter what, any heaven on Earth will be temporary, as death awaits us all.

But even so, it still seems there is far more collective stress than there “should” be. Often the amount of stress many feel is way out of proportion with any danger actually attending the activities they engage in. Consider the amount of stress many if not most women feel planning their wedding. Planning a wedding should be the happiest thing a young bride could ever do. But how many are truly relaxed while doing this? Wanting everything to be perfect, many are emotional and exhausted wrecks by the time they walk down the aisle. Since when is an imperfect wedding something to be “terrified” of?

Terrified brides are really good for dress sales, banquet halls, caterers, and wedding planners. So as much as we talk about wanting to “reduce” stress, the fact is, much of our society is actually built around EXPLOITING it. Pick up any book on selling strategies, and what you will be taught predominantly is how to exploit people’s fears of “missing out”.

If we are quick to leverage stress for the “good” things in life, how much more amplifying are the truly BAD things? So as much lip service as there is for “reducing stress”, the unpleasant fact is, the world is actually optimized to foment as much stress in us as possible. It’s almost as if “someone” wants us to be stressed, and stressed to the point of sheer terror if we as individuals allow it.


The universe is a very old place. Current scientific estimates place its age at close to 14 billion years. Humanity is relatively young in comparison – a mere 200,000 years. Is it even reasonable to assume that it took nearly 14 billion years for the universe to manifest it’s first intelligent physical species?

Or would it be wiser to assume that we are latecomers, and as “newbies” in the universe, are vulnerable to older and more experienced lifeforms? Lifeforms who don’t consider us “peers” and who would LAUGH at the very suggestion.

That would seem to reflect our experience, both as individuals and societies a bit more realistically.

The one thing that any biological species needs, is a source of nutrition. Whether it’s plant, animal or human, all need some form of external sustenance.  But we’ve observed in the field of “energy”, that collections of energy degrade and even disappear without new inputs. Any battery will lose it’s charge if left sitting around long enough. “Heat” is a form of high vibrating energy that also needs a continuous source of fuel.

Consciousness is a form of high vibrating energy. Therefore by extrapolation, it can be hypothesized that consciousness also needs a source of “energy replenishment” to persist in a consistent manner.

We have been told that the universe is literally built with Source Creator’s “love” vibration. Since love is of the highest vibration, it also makes sense that Creator must replenish it continuously.

But one of the interesting aspects of vibration energy is that wavelengths of opposite frequency, will cancel each other out. So if a conscious being were to become extremely negative emotionally, the effect would be to CANCEL-OUT any form of love energy stream from Source Creator.

We know from religion and mythology the story of “fallen angels”. If fallen angels were to prove to be real beings, then they would be a form of consciousness who also need “energy replenishment”, as we have scientifically observed that all forms of concentrated energy dissipate without a “replenishing power source” of some form or another.

So if the fallen angels cancel out any direct energy feed from Source Creator, then they need replenishment from an intermediary source, where the energy is “more accessible”, and vibrating at a “stepped down” frequency that can be absorbed rather than neutralized.

That energy source is *US* humans.

And *STRESS* is how we shed energy in a way, vibration and frequency that the fallen angels can readily absorb. So the more stress and anxiety we experience, the more we reduce our own energy stores, and feed the unseen energy parasites that surround us everywhere.

So suddenly, our stress inducing world has a potent and compelling rationale behind the madness! Our proclivity for stress and anxiety is being EXPLOITED as a “power source” by beings who can no longer sustain themselves in any other way!

This reality was strongly hinted at in the movie series “The Matrix”. Unfortunately for us, the movie was more fact than fiction. Oh sure a lot details were off. We are not somewhere in suspended animation and living a “virtual reality” as depicted in the movie, but even that hints at a far greater reality that also is more fact than fiction. The actual truth, is that they don’t have to hook up actual “wires” and hoses to collect our energy. We now live in a WIFI world, and the truth is power can be transferred from one end-point to another “wirelessly”. The same is true of your “life force energy” received as a constant feed from Source Creator and the Divine Realm. But your life force energy is YOURS, allocated to YOU and for YOUR sustenance and vitality. For the fallen interlopers to harvest it from you, they must somehow encourage and manipulate you to “voluntarily” relinquish it. Stress, fear, and sexual release via loveless activities and practices are the means by which this is accomplished. 

This was NOT covered in the movie series. This is why, from the perspective of the Divine Realm, why deviant sexual practices, including masturbation unfortunately, are “problematic”. It’s not and never has been the case that God is “offended” when you masturbate, but rather God and the Divine Realm know where the “encouragement” for this activity comes from. It does not come from Creator and the Divine Realm, and is not a “normal” human need that requires frequent satisfaction. Again, Creator is not “offended”, not “angered” and not even “disappointed” if you engage in these activities.


But Creator knows that what you really want in your life is health, happiness, and vitality. Frequent masturbation “liberates” the actual vitality you already possess and are receiving. Sure it feels good in the moment. But a few minutes later, most will feel decidedly “less” energetic. That is often considered to be a “good” thing by many, because a potent store of life force energy can be manipulated to cause very real and VERY potent STRESS. “Stress” that is but temporarily relieved by loveless sexual release.

It is *NOT* an easy problem to solve, and none of us sit in judgment of ANYONE.

But now there is a potent and compelling rationale behind the societal “advocacy” of pornography, and deviant sexual activities. The problem is “loveless” sex. Is it possible for two members off the same sex to have “loving” sex?


So there is no “rush to judgment” here. Everyone has free will, and to the extent their free will choices do not adversely affect others around them, ALL IS ALLOWED as far as the Divine Realm is concerned. But, if homosexuals are brutally honest with themselves, they’ll have to admit that loving homosexual relationships are not the “norm”.

But then “loving” heterosexual relationships are not the “norm” these days either. So it would be EXTREMELY unfair for anyone to cast aspersions. We ALL struggle when it comes to interloper manipulation.

We are not here to target anyone’s sex life, and that is not and will not be our “focus”. In fact, it’s probably the most difficult challenge most people will ever wrestle with, so we understand that there is little to be gained from attempting to provide “guidance”. But for those who want to know the “truth” of things, we would be remiss if we did not address it – at least briefly.

Trust us on this point, the occasional practice of masturbation, or the creative and edgy exploration of sex between consenting partners (TRULY “consenting”) is not an issue worth getting alarmed over. Just be aware of what is actually happening energetically. Awareness is always the first step on the road to the resolution of any dilemma. What we are all ultimately after is LOVE, and sex “should” be an expression of that. When it is, it is profoundly pleasurable, and INVIGORATING, rather than depleting. That is always the telltale sign. When you or your partner rolls over and goes to sleep after an orgasm, that should tell you something. Somebody had a “good feeding” – and left YOU with the bill.

There are easier and more pressing problems to tackle than sexuality. Problems that don’t have the addictive property of being temporarily pleasurable – while your life force energy is being siphoned away.

I wish that was worst of the news we had to share, but unfortunately, it gets darker. For you see, these spirits are not just hanging around hoping for a “free lunch”. They are not “spectators”, lurking around like scavengers, waiting for an opportunity. No, they are hard at work actually MANIPULATING people mentally and emotionally (mostly emotionally). Source Creator has shared with us, that 90% of people have “spirit attachments”. Actual hostile spirits embedded in your energy (or “auric”) field, and actually causing you to feel certain emotions in different circumstances. These spirits are often the source of “discomfort” you may feel around others, causing you to change your behavior, which in turn can cause a cascading or waterfall effect that leads to deeper and deeper pools of trouble. This is how many divorces ultimately come about. This is how many employment scenarios become troubled. This is even how politics can get so divisive – to the point that rationality cannot be found anywhere. This is how that airport affair happened and that now hangs like a sword over your troubled marriage, or your company’s reputation.

We are taught by and large, especially girls, to “trust their feelings”. But we are here to tell you, that this is NOT generally good advice. For it is emphatically *NOT* true, that “all” your feelings are “yours”. This is the mechanism of CONTROL. This is HOW they manipulate, and how they tempt and how they direct and lead people around by their noses. They do it largely through EMOTION. But saying they do it “through” emotion means not so much that they “create” the emotion, but rather they will amplify certain emotions so that your feelings are out of “proportion” with what is actually occurring.  A husband comes home an hour late, having fought bad traffic, and forgot to pick up the milk she asked him to. Rather than feeling “minor disappointment” which would be normal, she FEELS the extreme emotion of anger and betrayal. His explanation is reasonable, she can check the traffic reports herself, but because she was told over and over again throughout her life that her “feelings” are her “truth”, are her “reality”, are who “she is”, any effort on his part to counter her assessment is seen as an attempt to “invalidate” who she is as a person. And so the more he defends himself, the madder she gets.

As this senseless feud escalates, BOTH the husband and wife begin to feel increasing levels of stress and anxiety, and begin to shed impressive quantities of life force energy. The manipulating spirit gets it’s reward for it’s work – an energetic meal from both the wife and husband.

This was but a very mild and extremely common example on what goes on everyday, all over the world, for 90% of humanity. But this “ramping up” of emotion is something these spirits do ROUTINELY, for they have insatiable need for human life force energy. Consider that we ourselves need 3 meals a day on average. It is no different with these spirits. And just like us, when we need nutrition, we get “hungry”. And we all know what levels of desperation extreme hunger can push people to. It is no different with these spirits who feed on human energy. If they don’t get a regular supply, they too grow “hungry” and feel the need for more energy quite profoundly. The greater the need, the greater the desperation, and the more extreme and undisciplined their behavior.

But just as in human society, the aggressive and cunning will always reserve the best for themselves, and exclude everyone else. Rich sources of life force energy will be “commandeered” by the most capable spirits, who will manage their food supply with greater skill than others. This is why popular “hauntings” always seem to occur to “good” people. Spiritual people by and large, are freer of this kind of manipulation than others. However, occasionally, such people may find themselves in a compromised location, or compromised circumstances. Because they are generally difficult subjects to get an “energetic meal” from, increasingly desperate spirits who are not good at competing with other spirits for easier pickings, find themselves having to go to “extremes” of behavior – literally. These are the “losers” of the spirit realm, and they act like it. The first rule of spiritual/emotional manipulation of humans is “don’t let anyone see or know you are doing this”. These “idiots” (and they are quite literally that), can’t even observe the “first rule”. Extremely dangerous “idiots” to be sure, but true idiots nonetheless.

What these dudes “really” covet, is the human that is so compromised, that not only are they a wonderful source of easy energy, but they are also so pliable they can be used to harm others in turn, who then as a result provide even greater amounts of life force energy for the meddlers. A human who will listen to mental “suggestions” of doing extreme violence to others, as in the case of mass shootings and acts of terrorism, is an immensely valuable “asset”. See Karl Mollison’s channeling of Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas Shooter for more insight on this:


So what is the lesson to be learned from all this? The first lesson is, STOP THE BLAME GAME. Humanity is being collectively victimized and has been since the beginning. We have been told by Creator, that HUMANITY IS NOT TO BLAME for the mess the world is in. Left alone, humanity would be much better off. There is an innate GOODNESS to the common person, that the fallen spirits have abdicated eons and eons ago. It is said that the road to perdition is paved with good intentions. That is true – for HUMANS. The fallen spirits have no good intentions. They simply want our subservience and our life force energy. We have no importance or value to them beyond that. The interlopers actually use human idealism to foment mass shootings and acts of terrorism, telling the perpetrator (quite literally, many of these perpetrators actually hear voices talking to them) that a mass shooting will bring awareness to a problem, and that the awareness will create positive change. It’s totally NOT TRUE of course, but how is it really any different from what millions of young soldiers were told by their leaders before they embarked to slaughter their fellow man? “Wanting to make the world a better place” is the kind of idealism most humans share, a sentiment totally foreign to the dark spirits, but not beneath them to manipulate, for their benefit and our detriment.

But while Humanity is not to “blame” for a lot of the world’s deep problems and inequalities, it remains our problem to solve. Creator has told us this is a TEST, a test of who we decide to align ourselves with. A TEST of who we listen to. A TEST to see if we have what it really takes to Partner with Creator and the Divine Realm. And Creator makes NO APOLOGIES for this. As a species we need to GROW UP and FAST; and collectively TOGETHER face the unpleasant circumstances we find ourselves in, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Creator has given us an action plan to follow, a divine plan that will work if enough people get on board. Will you?