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GetWisdom LIVE_Creator Reveals Spiritual and Historical Lessons of Professional Wrestling

Is it morally wrong to promote professional wrestling that dupes the audience with fake fighting? Does this hand-to-hand combat share the same origin as the gladiators in ancient Rome? If pro wrestling is just sports mimicry, why do the wrestlers engage so intensely and carry grudges? Where does the fierce pride in being able to hurt others truly come from? Why are blood sports a world-wide phenomenon? Even though people know pro wrestling is play-acting, how can it still promote violence among fans? Creator explains how prayer and divine healing can help the many wrestlers who die before their time, and help all who pass, return to heaven safely.

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Learn what Creator shared about:

  • The United States as a bastion of freedom since its inception.
  • Wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper and his afterlife experience.
  • How the Lightworker Healing Protocol and empowered prayer can help departed wrestlers.