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Another channeler predicts: “January 2020 – financial breakdown begins to go exponential and accelerate. Visible everywhere, but mainstream media will utterly ignore it. Media will be tit-for-tat politics 24/07 with each side talking about the crimes of the other side, and no one talking about the collapse that is happening around everyone. China wants and will trigger the collapse as it sees this as the means to its global ambitious ends. It utterly does not matter who wins the election. The other side will not accept the results, and there will be widespread violence. As the financial crisis accelerates, CRIME will accelerate with it. As people become more and more desperate for money and food, home invasions, armed robberies, muggings, will rise accordingly. Mental illness and anxiety and stress and utter desperation will rise to levels simply not experienced by this generation. As more and more brick and mortar retail goes under, people will have to turn more and more to Amazon to deliver essentials. But guess what? If you happen to have a bad “social credit” score due to your Internet posting history, NO DELIVERIES FOR YOU. By end of 2020 and into 2021, mass movement of people begins as the urban and suburban unemployed and imminently homeless, pack up what they can bring in a car and trailer (if they can find one) and head to rural relatives better situated. This will mirror the mass migrations of the Great Depression (John Steinbeck’s – The Grapes of Wrath), only MUCH WORSE. Others with no place to go will simply wander until the gas and money run out. All this will make the 2018 financial crisis look like a walk in the park. 2022 – Massive deadly EPIDEMIC(S) as massive homelessness, lack of healthcare, lack of proper nutrition and poor sanitary conditions start making the entire globe like the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles. With trash and open sewage everywhere, rats return with their fleas.” Is this an accurate prediction and timeline of what’s coming?”
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