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My client [name withheld] would like guidance and suggestions for improving the following Prayer for Divine Safety Field: Beloved God, Source Creator, I ask for an impenetrable safety field to surround me on all levels of my being to block out fully and completely and to repel all outside interference from human and non-human sources and their technologies, past, present, & future, with the intention of causing harm, subverting, or thwarting my evolution as a Divine Human Being and are counter to my Soul’s Welfare and my Highest Well Being I ask this request to include all forms of: negative energies, subliminal messaging, subconscious influences, mind control programming, etheric broadcasting, electromagnetic frequencies, microwaves, scalar waves, high-level psychic attack, and machinations and stratagems motivated by deceitful intent, subterfuge, and the application of disingenuous loopholes to thwart, subvert, or usurp Source Creator’s purpose for the Divine Human. I request that this impenetrable Divine Safety Field surround me at all times, including all meditative states, my sacred sleep and dream space, my sleep and dreams, my residence, my personal possessions, plants, finances and income-generating accounts, and everything I ingest, absorb, apply, and inhale. Please extend this protection to include my entire biological family, pets, friends, neighbors, acquaintances and heart-centered groups that I interact with directly, indirectly, and electronically, and all health care and service providers. I am totally and completely receptive to the loving support, inspiration, and guidance of the Divine Realm, my personal Spirit Team, and Source Creator. I choose to move forward in co-operation with all Divine Agents and Influences. Please apply this Divine Safety Field across all timelines, parallel lives, galaxies, and universes from my Soul’s inception. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And so it is. What are its strengths, weaknesses, and ways this Prayer for Divine Safety Field can be improved?
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Can you recommend a prayer of protection suitable for children?
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