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In the Warren Commission investigation of the JFK assassination, a worker on the fourth floor of the Texas School Book Depository, Vickie Adams, immediately went to the rear stairs and descended, following the shots. Along the way, she saw police officer Truly, who ran into the building right after the shots, and the building manager coming up the stairs, where they stopped at the second-floor lunchroom and found Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged shooter. He had been seen eating his lunch there a few minutes before, by another witness. Thus, the shooter seen firing from a window on the 6th floor could not have gotten to the 2nd floor ahead of Adams. Her sworn testimony was altered in the report to describe her as taking more time to go down the stairs, and she was further dismissed as a lone witness who might be confused and mistaken. More recently, researchers discovered depositions from her and two other witnesses whose story was suppressed about this key aspect of what transpired. Adams was not alone, but went down the stairs with a co-worker, Sandra Styles. Their supervisor, Dorothy Garner, also watched them from the 4th floor landing as they went down the stairs. Their stories match: Oswald did not go down the stairs after the shooting. Witnesses on the street prior to the shooting reported seeing two men looking out the 6th floor windows. Is that correct, and were they removed by interdimensional transport to a hovering spacecraft, perhaps via a preplaced portal?
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