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A practitioner writes: “I thought it might be an interesting story to share with you and possibly to ask Creator at some point to see if my intuition was right. I have a couple of friends in my neighborhood who experienced a long delay in launching their new and promising project online. Today as I was pumping gas to my car, I got a message from PayPal in my cell phone that I received 3268 Mexican pesos. I was puzzled at first since I didn’t sell anything that I was aware of. I began to wonder who that might be. When I arrived home I finally was able to access my computer and to track down the identity of the donor; it was my neighbors who wrote me the following: “We have been blessed by God with an increase in finances and wanted to share the blessing with you. We support and so appreciate the healing you bless humanity with in the name of God.” My first impulse was to gift them back with healing sessions. So I did a couple of them specifying their client issue as “challenges in launching their new project online.” After I finished the sessions a thought came to my mind that there may be more to the story than meets the eye. My normal income mostly vanished these days and I do my daily prayers including the one for manifesting abundance. So that may have been an answer to my prayers. Then I thought that my friends probably needed my LHP session(s) in order to move forward with their project. So Creator arranged this scenario to take place and even though I performed the sessions on them today, the healing was also launched in the past when they most needed it in order to move beyond some major barriers on their path. So this could have been a Divine orchestration through time domains to create a win-win situation for both parties who each pray daily to Creator and both are in Divine alignment.” Is this a correct analysis?
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