DWQA QuestionsCategory: Healing ModalitiesFor individuals who have a symptomatic virus-caused malady, would taking daily doses of the CBDNorth Full-Spectrum CBD Oil or the CBDMagic supplement rather than relying on divine augmentation to save money be advisable, if it can be afforded?
Nicola Staff asked 2 weeks ago
This is a good way to look at things. The divine's is a more elegant approach but has constraints due to the complexity and time required to work across timelines and eventually reach the present moment with the benefit of the changes instilled. When there is a practical adjunct like a nutritional supplement with antiviral activity, and you are trying to counter the effects of a chronic ongoing viral infection, there is an advantage in using such an adjunct because it will speed the benefit in starting sooner because the supplement will go to work on the virus immediately, and begin to attenuate the viral presence. That might not happen for a good long while still, using divine support alone. This is simply the nature of energy in the way things work. So what you are raising is a simple pragmatic approach to managing your own well-being in doing what is known to you that can be a useful adjunct in addition to relying on divine partnership. That makes sense, and that is in keeping with the value of human and divine working together. In general, the more you do on your end, the more we can do on our end as well. The fewer viral particles that are present, the less opposing consciousness needs to be reckoned with through divine intervention. So making gains through a chemical administration works in your favor and that does not count against you in any way. It is not cheating to use your intelligence and initiative to take advantage of human knowledge and awareness of possibilities. This is what you were designed to do, after all.