DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Corruption of Human InstitutionsFrom an atheistic perspective, the situation seems pretty hopeless. But there is another perspective to consider—the DIVINE perspective, that protection from being manipulated can come from the divine realm in response to prayer work. Can Creator share with us how Empowered Prayer, the Lightworker Healing Protocol, Deep Subconscious Mind Reset, and Divine Life Support can provide protection from manipulation that may not be possible through any other means known to humanity?
Nicola Staff asked 2 weeks ago
Learning and embracing divine wisdom is not only your best hope, but the only hope for having a future that can improve on the present and past and not bring a worsening of things. This is because your institutions are uniformly failing—they fail to represent your best interests, they fail to represent effective means for making true progress in fostering growth and learning and creating opportunities for people to thrive, do and be their best, and benefit one another through collaboration as a human family, and not be at odds in belonging to warring factions constantly squabbling, and worse, becoming hardened enemies bent on destruction, often in a brutal and heartless way. This is the toughest of lessons, that humanity is in charge of the world but can only survive with divine help. We can only give that help using energy that comes from you because you are in charge and must be in the lead. This is a gigantic catch-22 that greatly increases the challenge. That is not an impossible situation meant to be setting you up for a gigantic failure, but it is the consequence of keeping things honest, seeing that each and every being is accountable for their own personal contributions or lack of contributions, as the case might be, and whether those are a positive or a negative in their influence on things. There is nothing like reaching out to the divine, for cultivating a relationship that becomes more and more real and reliable in bringing about an interchange that can include divine guidance and inspiration along with meaningful support from within yourselves, as well as things arranged in the external environment at times. We cannot tell anyone what to do because that is leading. When people reach out to us in fear and pain and a state of helplessness, that disempowers us to a large extent because we must use your energy to feed back to you some additional wherewithal in the way of higher wisdom and a better choice of options. When you lack wherewithal because of misery and dishevelment, you are truly coming from behind and it will be the greatest of challenges to overcome it. We are up to the task; the question is, will you be if you let things reach such a dark state of affairs? Keep in mind, always, that when you dig a hole for yourselves, you will one day have to climb out. It cannot be done for you. This puts the responsibility on your shoulders equally, and that is as it should be, and that is the true message we need everyone to know and understand. The ideal is to be a partner with us, hand in hand, together in each and every moment, each and every day, both sharing knowledge and awareness as well as responsibility, accountability, and initiative to carry out positive steps to move forward in some way if only incrementally. One must start somewhere to get somewhere, and we understand many will struggle, particularly at first, if they are far out of divine alignment. This is what prayer is for, to serve as an example in how to interact and build the inner muscles needed for the partnership. The belief quotient is a limitation if it is flawed and inadequate through lack of exposure to divine teachings or a decision to move away from early religious instruction thinking it is perhaps only folklore after all. If someone is rusty in wanting to talk with us and trusting we hear them, it may be awkward at first, but every new encounter is awkward at first until people become more familiar to one another and develop trust to be open and share in a deeper way that is meaningful. It is no different with a human-divine interaction, that a partnership will need to develop, and develop trust along the way. This can be done through prayer and healing requests. Your channel teaches many to use the healing protocols invoking divine assistance for deep karmic repair and cultivating improved personal perspectives, inner strengths, and beliefs that are advantageous for surmounting difficulty and having a happy life. Many are intimidated because it is difficult for them to believe they can simply call on God and get things done for them personally. Trust in that process and faith in us can be developed over time but one must launch in. It is like doing anything new, it might be tentative and a weak effort initially, but eventually, with experience and practice, people can become quite a powerhouse in making things happen because their belief will grow and their trust in us as well. That is a goal worth having and working towards because it is the highest of perspectives, to be in divine alignment. It can be a long road gaining that knowledge and awareness, and the inner healing that might be needed to allow someone to fully blossom, but that is the purpose for human existence, to learn how this is done and teach others how to do it successfully.