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A practitioner writes: “[I had an] energetic healing experience I want to share with you. I used the Lightworker Healing Protocol to do a spiritual healing for “TIME” this morning. At the end of the session, I felt strong, wavy-like waves of energy, moving from right to left, through my head, my body; the entire room. I got up and walked to a mirror. I felt different, like there was “more of me” looking back at me in the reflection. I felt “charged up,” similar to that feeling you get when you do something of high moral character for someone else; an act of kindness. I felt GREAT. A high-frequency, audible emotion (I really don’t know how else to describe it) stayed with me long after the session. Something’s different. Something feels different. Better. Higher. I went to the kitchen sink to fill a pitcher with water for the coffee maker. This is going to sound crazy but here goes: The water looks different – thicker – more meaningful. I’m mesmerized by it. I’m standing there looking at the water. I put my palm on the side of the pitcher. The water reacts. The counter is perfectly still. My hand is still. I could feel the energy passing from my hand to the water. (See the attached video link.) I feel like if I were to really try, I might get the water to dance. What happened was from leftover energy from the LHP I had just wrapped up. What has happened over here?”
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