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A practitioner writes: “A friend from town sent me an urgent text message last week saying that her son is having a very bad crisis, and that he told her that he is going to suicide. She asked me to pray for him as soon as I can. I sensed an air of emergency in her words, so I performed a Lightworker Healing Protocol session on him right away. Three and a half hours later she texted me that her son calmed down as a result of my prayers. The next day I happened to meet her in the market and she approached me and thanked me from the bottom of her heart for saving her life; the life of her family and her son. It was the scariest moment I ever lived, she said, and went on to describe to me how her son transformed in front of her eyes into a demonic being. He had a machete with him, and told her that he was going to kill her and every other family member in the household, and then go out and kill many people in the street and drink their blood. While she was pleading to him to drop his plans at the peak of his crisis, she sensed the presence of a swarm of light beings in the room, and she intuitively knew that I began the LHP session on him. She was amazed that she could witness the LHP session in action as she was right there in front of her son when the spirit team began working on him. In a very short time, she said, his fury dissipated (the demonic beings were removed) and his face went back to normal. As he regained his senses he told her how much he loves her, and that he wanted to apologize to his sister and his family for his horrible behavior. He then became very calm but full of remorse and guilt. Was her perception of the spirit team arriving into the room, and then witnessing the LHP session live, actually true?”
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