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A viewer writes: “I am fully aware of your tight schedule but thought to share with you the following story about a new friend of mine who was invited by a close friend to attend his wedding 25 years ago in Sinaloa, Mexico. As he arrived at the wedding hall, his friend presented him his future wife, who he never met before. My friend promptly gave his hand to the beautiful bride and at the moment of the handshaking he lost his consciousness as if another consciousness took him over, and for the next 5 minutes he kept holding the bride’s hand and his eyes were locked at her face all the while without being able to regain his senses. The bride, out of respect to her future husband, lowered her head to the ground but kept her hand in my friend’s hand. All the while the groom’s face turned red. He was furious and under a terrible jealous tantrum and in front of the anticipating crowd, he canceled the wedding and reclaimed the wedding ring back from his bride and disappeared from the scene. Twenty-five years later the guy got a call from a friend of his who knew nothing about this incident and she began telling him, you know I just met this woman and a little voice in me said that you need to call her. So she gave him her phone number and he called her and it turned out she was the woman he met at the wedding 25 years ago. Shortly after that, they met and began dating each other. They came to my house yesterday and shared with me their story. My friend told me that it is the first time in his life that he sees a woman with very different eyes, which is quite bewildering to him. Can Creator tell us what took place at the wedding? Was it a divine intervention or was it spirit mischief? Were they a couple in one of their past lives?”
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