DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious ChannelingIs it the case that all energetic signatures capturing the essence of karmic consequences links them via cordings to all who played a role? Is that the mechanism of personalizing the assignment of responsibility to hold people accountable and motivate them to work on rebalancing the negativity they were a part of?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago
This is the much-pondered deeper meaning of the energetic cordings that are often perceived by psychic mediums and are known to be trouble, by linking people to negative events and others of a negative nature in their history. It is routine that perpetrators and their victims become energetically intertwined and that is orchestrated through the cordings that happen. No matter where they might be physically, even at a great distance from one another, there will be crosstalk and rumblings and this can be enough to reawaken old hurts and cause a great disturbance in former victims, as well as incentivizing old perpetrators to give in to temptation and repeat prior offenses. This also clarifies why the many would-be healers who do cutting of cords are not providing full and reliable healing, because the cords will reform. It will be seen to by the Law of Karma, which knows that there are energetic signatures out of balance needing restitution and will seek out those involved, and this will create new cordings to replace anything that might have been severed. So cord cutting is not a permanent solution. What needs to happen is healing of the karmic origins of the cords as well as their removal.