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Those following GetWisdom know Creator has revealed the existence of an Extraterrestrial Alliance controlling our solar system, comprised of three unique species of humanoid extraterrestrials originating from different regions of the galaxy. All three civilizations possess homegrown Star Trek-level space-faring technology. All three are members of this alliance in sober recognition of the fact that war between them would be mutually destructive with no clear winner. That is not to say they share power in this alliance equally. One civilization stands out as the dominant member, while the other two find creative ways to align their interests and serve as “associates” of the dominant power. The dominant civilization is the Anunnaki, a race of humanoid giants, mentioned in the Bible, and a ubiquitous presence in ancient history up to the time of Alexander the Great when they collectively ended direct interaction with humans and opted instead for indirect control via hybrid human proxies that we know today as the ruling elite or “cabal.” The next species is the Reptilians. They arrived around the time of Atlantis. The third species is the Arcturians, the most human-like race in appearance, being tall, blond and blue-eyed, often called “Nordics.” They arrived around the same time as the Reptilians and an extraterrestrial war began, resulting in the destruction of Atlantis, while the Anunnaki sat back and watched “for entertainment,” intervening and ending the conflict, which almost destroyed humanity. This brought the warring parties to the bargaining table, and the Extraterrestrial Alliance between the three powers was established. Can Creator reaffirm this recounting of events and what they are doing currently?
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