DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine CautionIn preparing the questions for this show, three of these books were read cover to cover. All three were horribly written, wandering and meandering, with no genuine plotline and uncertainty as to purpose or message. They just wandered from topic to topic with no discernable connection to the previous topic just discussed. They are some of the least interesting and least entertaining “stuff” one could ever sit down to read. The reader literally started falling asleep after just two pages, and this was true for literally the entirety of these books. Creator previously stated that this was on account of the bombardment of subconscious programming aimed at the human population literally programming them to “shut off” whenever they encounter material on extraterrestrials. Apparently, even those of us actually interested in this topic are not immune to the effects of this global manipulation. So if nobody is actually READING these books cover to cover, what is the point of them all? What can Creator tell us?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago
As we have already described to some extent, they are a lure, nothing more. They are trolling the waters with the books as a kind of bait on a hook, seeking the seekers, those humans still able to act on curiosity who want to know more and are open to the idea of extraterrestrial existence and an interaction with humanity, and perhaps looking for solutions to problems instead of going with the mainstream and being complacent, which is true for the vast majority. So the extraterrestrials are trolling for free thinkers with these books as a lure. Whoever stumbles on them and takes an interest may well become captivated, and then captive to the idea of following this narrative, and assuming it is the gateway to greater knowledge, understanding, and an ultimate answer to the riddle of what is going on in this strange world of yours with the many eyewitness accounts of strange doings, and even the military acknowledging strange craft with otherworldly characteristics seeming to defy the laws of physics, and so on. The works devoted to Disclosure, no matter how scholarly and genuine they might be in terms of wanting to help record history, wanting to explore and apply a genuine scientific inquiry to better understand the many phenomena encountered with the strange events that take place with regularity, and have for many, many years, all who promote the idea of Disclosure, thinking of it as a good thing, are serving the darkness unwittingly because they are grooming fellow humans to look forward to a "coming out party," and that it will be a good thing. They are promoting the idea it is the human governments and military who are in the way of Disclosure, wanting to jealously guard the secrets for their own benefit and control of things, and thus cheating the public of what could be wider benefits for the general populace. But that is an assumption, and a dangerous one, that the aliens, at least some of them, are truly here to help when such is not the case, they are all here to harm, they are all working together to deceive you, and anything written to the contrary is disinformation. It is unpleasant to say these things because we know it ruffles feathers, it disappoints many, and it endangers you as well in bringing this very information forth because those programmed to believe in the Disclosure Movement and its good intentions, presumably, will be more likely to stick with their current beliefs and dismiss your message as proving you are the one who is somehow involved with darkness and unable to see the great new things that are coming and their benefits. This is unavoidable for the time being because the programming has been so extensive and has a powerful reach. There is tremendous healing needed to remove these influences from deep within the minds of individual humans. The work is underway but still a work in progress. We are gaining ground but the opposition is working relentlessly as well to further ensnare you. There is a race against time underway here and it will be difficult to win people over who are already firmly in the enemy camp and do not know it.