DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine CautionA viewer asks: “What is the truth regarding the “death traps” as described by psychics? Are these actually constructs of the evil aliens to keep us prisoners bound to Earth in an endless cycle of reincarnation? If not, what purpose does entering the light achieve and how do we then truly ascend after death?” What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago
There are a number of individuals and groups enamored of the Disclosure narrative who are being manipulated to falsely warn people to not go to the light when they pass, that it will trap them in the reincarnation paradigm and they will be forced to return again and again. This is disinformation and a potentially devastating misdirection because the opposite is the case. The advice, to avoid going to the light, will indeed trap the departing soul, not into a reincarnation paradigm to live another life as an incarnated human, but worse, to trap them in limbo where they will have no option. They will become a discarnate spirit if they avoid going to the light and then will be tumbling in the darkness and likely set upon and tormented by dark spirits of all kinds. That is a truly hellish existence, and that is what these groups and individuals warning about going to the light are encouraging to happen, it is a karmic misstep of tragic proportions they contribute to. The reality is, you will need to go to the light when you pass away. If ascension has not been launched before that, you will need to return to the heavenly realm so you can ascend from there. If ascension is underway when you pass, you will need to go to the light to fully ascend because that is an analogous process of being raised in vibration. You will be met by light beings, and while you will not go to the heavenly realm, you will be bathed in light and transported to a higher dimension vibrationally. To short‑circuit that grand event in a misguided attempt to rescue you from the incarnation paradigm, would be a tragic fate and you might end up being left behind, in the worst way, to be stuck in limbo. You need not fear going to the light no matter what takes place when you are sensing it is your time to leave the body—that is the key to your future being a joyous one.