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What we’ll cover in this event …

Does the Originator’s Question Become the Channeler’s?
During a channeling, is Creator answering the originator of the question, or strictly the channeler who is asking it on behalf of the questioner during the session? Karl & Denny will share Creator’s answer about whether the channeler is just a conduit having no influence on the words and answers that come forth, or a potential source of error.

What Happens When the Channeler is Confused?
What are the pitfalls in the event of misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the intent behind the question on the part of the channeler asking a question on behalf of someone? Many questions are open-ended and can be answered from different perspectives and levels of detail. Karl & Denny share Creator’s comments on just how big a problem this is in getting the best information from a session.

How Critical is Deep Understanding of the Subject?
What if the channeler has a deep understanding but the originator of the question does not? Will lack of familiarity prevent unearthing a deeper description? What if the opposite is true? Karl and Denny share Creator’s response.

How Can Questions be Crafted for the Best Response?
Karl & Denny will explore Creator’s tutelage on what to think about and address to get the answers you want most. Can a channeler’s shortcomings be mitigated?

Viewer Questions and Answers
The Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about preparing questions for Creator …

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