Creator Explores Trust Issues 24May2024

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Creator Explores Trust Issues 24May2024

  • Is trust the foundational principle that holds all relationships?
  • Is being trusted a greater compliment than being loved?
  • While you may be deceived if you trust too much, will you live in torment if you don’t trust enough?
  • Will someone who does not trust enough, be in turn, not trusted?
  • Is a lack of belief in the divine, really a lack of trust in the divine?
  • Can trust be overridden by choice and is it ultimately and unavoidably fraught with risk?
  • When is refusing to trust a karmic misstep?
  • Are trust and distrust powerful tools for living but also powerful generators of karma?
  • Creator explains why learning to trust wisely is a healing need and opportunity for soul advancement.

Creator Answers Difficult Questions About Consciousness 26Apr2024

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Creator Answers Difficult Questions About Consciousness 26Apr2024

  • Why does consciousness exist?
  • Is there a basic component of consciousness shared by all human beings?
  • Is consciousness, like energy, always “on the move,” in need of movement, and when movement stops, does consciousness itself cease to exist?
  • Are movement and flow intrinsic properties of all consciousness, and not expressly designed features?
  • As Creator is consciousness, can Creator create anything that is not truly consciousness?
  • In its ultimate essence, is everything consciousness at its core?
  • Are emotions an intrinsic property of all consciousness?
  • Can a rock feel pain, joy, anger, etc?
  • Is life force energy of the body a more basic form of consciousness that is more universal than individually configured?
  • Is evil a design element of sentient consciousness?
  • Creator explains how extensive divine healing is needed to unravel and fully exploit these gifts.

Creator Teaches More on Soul Attributes and Soul Maturity 22Mar2024

Creator Teaches More on Soul Attributes and Soul Maturity 22Mar2024

  • Does the soul grow as a function of human learning?
  • Is soul maturity an important soul attribute?
  • Can major soul profiles characterizing different types of people and supporting varied roles, have both positive and negative expressions?
  • Has the importance of soul attribute restoration for healing been suppressed in our culture?
  • Do extraterrestrials and angelic beings have a similar or different soul attribute profile compared to ours?
  • Is arrested development of soul attributes a characteristic of the dark beings harming humanity?
  • Does greater chronological age ensure maturity?
  • Creator explains how divine healing can remove obstacles to our soul learning and growth.

Creator Teaches about Soul Attributes 26Jan2024

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Creator Teaches about Soul Attributes 26Jan2024

  • Are soul attributes important characteristics that are a permanent and essential part of us?
  • Is our mix of soul attributes what makes us an individual?
  • Does our soul attribute expression determine how unique or similar to others we are?
  • Do labels and categories truly misrepresent what is important about our makeup?
  • Can our soul be flawed, or only its expression?
  • Are human archetypes actually soul expression patterns?
  • Are common human archetypes part of Creator’s plan?
  • Creator explains why soul healing is needed to protect and strengthen our all-important soul attributes.

DSMR Landing Page

Deep Subconscious Mind Reset


Are there ongoing issues in your life that don’t make sense to you, or deep fears that you can’t explain but that display themselves in unexpected ways?

Do you know about the silent gatekeeper - unknown to science - that is unreachable by conventional methods? Its job is to keep you from mistakes that have occurred over and over in previous lives. When you want to do things that have harmed you it always says: "No, No, No!"

Experience the cutting-edge enhancement for karmic repair pioneered through Divine Partnership.

Deep Subconscious Mind Reset by Get Wisdom

Resolving Inner Roadblocks due to:

Faulty Negative Beliefs (about God or Self)
Karmic Debt from Past Lifetime Trauma
Stifled Soul Attributes (courage, self-confidence, trust, & more)

Healing hands-purple

Deep Subconscious Mind Reset combined with the Lightworker Healing Protocol
works through the Divine
for a powerful fusion of energetic healing and karmic repair!

Karmic Repair!


It is the SINGLE method that fully addresses the healing needs of the all levels of the mind:
Deep Subconscious
Cellular Consciousness
To heal deeply and totally, the energetic signature of key emotional and physical issues, healing lifetimes of karmic trauma, individually and collectively, of ourselves and our perpetrators.


The Ultimate Healing Combo

The Lightworker Healing Protocol is the premier tool for deep karmic repair. Deep Subconscious Mind Reset is a perfect addition to hasten the healing benefits.


By working through Creator the deep subconscious is guided to identify and replace negative inner beliefs, to accelerate the healing process. 

In addition, the Deep Subconscious Mind Reset provides a way to reset the “mind” of cellular consciousness, helping the brain to give up harmful habits such as needless worry, negative thoughts, fears, delusional thinking and chronic physical symptoms.

Science has not yet discovered much about the power and functions of the deep subconscious. Due to genetic modification of early humans the deep subconscious is not able to share information gathered, through its vast intuitive reach, to connect to the conscious mind. It is designed to protect you and tries to warn you about similar dangers that it foresees without understanding what may be in the past. It has access to the akashic records and can see all of the karmic debt in your parallel lifetimes, past, present and future, providing it with a never-ending stream of things to worry about. It can’t warn your conscious awareness directly so it triggers emotions that may cause great stress and undermine wellbeing.

Using the Lightworker Healing Protocol and Deep Subconscious Mind Reset in combination will speed personal growth and healing in ways never before possible. One of their many benefits is preventive care, to head off future problems the divine can see coming in your future, before they take place and become harder to undo.

Multiple trauma scenes underlying an issue can be reset and/or multiple issues worked on in each LHP/DSMR session. This innovative Creator-directed process is an incremental process for change, given the huge karmic backlog of negative karma we face. The optimal safeguard to deal with both old and new issues in a timely way is our Divine Life Support membership. This is an affordable ongoing subscription plan for regular sessions, ideally over the lifetime. It is a characteristic of divine healing that the symptoms are the last thing to change, even though progress is being made behind the scenes. But you can purchase extra sessions done with Deep Subconscious Channeling through our website, and that will further accelerate the pace of improvement.

a healing breakthrough


Deep Subconscious Access

Can I connect with my Deep Subconscious?

How does the Deep Subconscious make itself known?

What is unique about the Deep Subconscious?

Why does the Deep Subconscious need to explore the akashic records?

How can healing occur if the Deep Subconscious is unreachable?

The sad reality is:

The Deep Subconscious is unreachable by conscious awareness, even with deep trance hypnotherapy.

To communicate with the conscious mind, the Deep Subconscious has only indirect mechanisms. It can affect the physical body and generate emotions such as chronic anxiety, depression, and many other emotional problems.

Unlike other levels of the mind, the Deep Subconscious has a profound intuitive reach, acting continually, without the ability to share its knowledge with the conscious mind. It can explore repositories of consciousness (the thought plane and the collective unconscious) as well as the akashic records.

Your Deep Subconscious is designed to protect you and reacts to your stress by looking for similar things that may have happened to you. This digs up many troubling memories of past life hurts, disappointments, and dangers. It fears the worst and may create an inner state of anguish that can actually cause historical problems to recur in the current life. This silent gatekeeper says: “No, No, No!” when it fears you may recreate past injuries to yourself. The Deep Subconscious works to bring karmic debts into your awareness to give you the opportunity to rebalance them through healing. Up until now we have experienced the symptoms without recognizing the message intended for us.

Deep Subconscious Mind Reset enlists Creator’s help to reach where the conscious mind cannot go. Then the healing provided by the Lightworker Healing Protocol can be even more effective.

creator-602533__with silo person_reduced

Direct Creator Support

Why can’t Creator just heal everything that has harmed us?

What types of choices limit Creator’s ability to provide healing?

How does Creator overcome the limitations of our free will choices to hold negative beliefs?

What are benefits experienced through Creator-guided trauma resolution: Deep Subconscious Mind Reset (DSMR)?

Will Creator’s participation in DSMR make improvements to my life?

There is more to know:

The Creator must honor the rules of engagement and not interfere with our free will choices to believe what we believe, even if misguided.

Many faulty inner beliefs commonly reside within the Deep Subconscious, which Creator must honor as free will, even if they delay divine healing. These include negative beliefs about the divine (God ignores our world, God is not real, God forgot about me, God wants me to suffer, etc.) or the self (I am powerless, I can’t be helped, nothing I try ever works, I can’t be healed, I am a failure, I am unlovable, etc.). Through your unawareness, you have the power to keep God out of your life and live an impaired existence.

When asked by the human side, Creator has the freedom to engage with the Deep Subconscious. Then Creator can query the Deep Subconscious about its past issues and work with it to resolve and reset this part of the mind to a healthier mode of thinking, including replacement of negative, self-limiting beliefs with positive, empowering ones. This can also be the answer for many persistent symptoms of chronic physical illness, perpetuated as a habit by cellular consciousness.

With Creator’s direct support, DSMR helps strengthen or restore critical soul attributes that are essential for you to do and be your best—knowing what it feels like and how, to have courage, self-confidence, trust in other people, belief in the divine, to love and be loved, etc., whatever is most needed to restore a healthy balance in your make-up.

Deep Subconscious Mind Reset is the only modality that partners with Creator to provide an energetic self-healing to drain away the stored emotional negativity from the past, and allow a healthy rebalancing. That can actually prevent historical problems from reoccurring, and causing a similar dilemma in the current life. 


Akashic Record Revision

What are the akashic records?

They seem pretty important, why do they matter?

What effect does DSMR have on karmic history?

Can the akashic records be altered?

Is there an optimum way to heal and neutralize karmic debt?

Healing is the key:

The akashic records hold a recording of everything that happens, who participated, and what energies they launched, whether positive or negative in their effects. This includes not only all of your current life up to the present moment, but all parallel lifetimes you are involved in, past, present, and future. It is a record of achievements, as well as failures.

The Law of Karma works hand-in-hand with free will to bring back around to us a series of karmic debts we are responsible for. It is intended to ensure that energies do not get too far out of balance. Through revisiting similar circumstances and energies, it provides an opportunity to heal our hurts, and those done to others, by rebalancing things through healing. The akashic records are the score-keeper for the Law of Karma. The point of this is not to punish, but provide a powerful incentive to meet our karmic obligations to rebalance things we took part in. It could be in the form of a painful emotional conflict or a chronic malady. In fact, most physical illness, 94%, is caused by deep karmic trauma that needs healing. Until that happens, suffering will continue. Like conventional medical treatment, energy healing modalities can help manage symptoms, but do not provide deep karmic repair for lasting change.

Deep Subconscious Mind Reset provides a work-around to remove inner barriers and prevent old karmic negativity from piling on to worsen things. It not only can bring emotional relief, but can replace corrupted inner beliefs that work against you, and even improve personality flaws that make you vulnerable and limit expressing who you truly are, more fully. The power of DSMR is not just because of the process itself, but because it works uniquely, to help all levels of the mind: conscious, subconscious, deep subconscious and even cellular consciousness.

The key thing to know is that the portion of your problem that gets worked on in a session will get healed, deeply and totally, by even changing the energetic signature of the original episode within the akashic records to make that historical event neutral—energetically, karmically, and emotionally. That’s deep healing!

More about DSMR

More About Deep Subconscious Memory Reset



Conventional science has a long way to go to understand the critical role of each level and how it influences our wellbeing.

Even now, there is debate about the importance of the conscious mind, the most familiar to us, and where we experience our thoughts. Its divine design was as a receptor for intuition and communication with our higher self. Interlopers deliberately diminished that link through genetic modification of early humans.

The upper subconscious or unconscious is assumed to work independently of conscious thought and considered to be of minor therapeutic importance. It stores and retrieves ordinary memories and other information, and can be accessed through daydreaming, deep mediation, and the dream state. It can be reached with hypnosis to attempt limited understanding of troubling issues.

Cellular consciousness is unappreciated by science in having an important role in memory and bodily functions. It explains why the body has a mind of its own. What is not fully recognized is that persistent negative thoughts or symptoms of chronic physical illness may have become a habit of cellular consciousness, much like muscle memory used for beneficial activities.

The Deep Subconscious is still unknown to science and is unreachable by conscious awareness even using hypnosis. It is the largest part of the mind, with an ability to review and worry about multiple lifetimes of troubling events. It is the major source of stress, anxiety, and other negative feelings, which are felt but not understood consciously, or changeable readily using talk therapy.


Is the deep subconscious always listening to our conscious thoughts?

This is quite correct. After all, it is the number one job of the subconscious to keep the person alive. It needs to know what’s happening, it needs to know what the person as a whole is doing, because survival is at stake, so will be very keenly observing every awareness and thought that comes along. In a sense, it has an intuitive impression of everything in the environment, as well as the emotional potential in the impressions coming in, and the information from the sensory organs—all are processed and will have the potential to generate an emotional response that corresponds. This as well, is a function of the subconscious mind, to enrich the experience of the senses with a bodily response. This it does through the emotions, and so there is a constant interplay and vigilance to be on top of everything that happens. This is automatic and guaranteed.

If the deep subconscious worries about past life trauma outside of conscious awareness, that implies it sees the akashic records. Does it do so directly or does it go through the thought plane to deposit the question or the concern and then it is relayed by the thought plane to the akashic record to obtain further knowledge that may be relevant?

The deep subconscious goes on its own to the akashic record, and what it uncovers it will share with the thought plane because it is generating thoughts on an ongoing basis. So this is automatic and is not a periodic willful process, it is an ongoing dialogue with information flowing back and forth. There is a regular check-in, so to speak, with the thought plane to see what’s new from its monitoring to know the current state of being with the individual as a whole. In finding things to worry about in the akashic record, this will generate a flurry of dark thoughts added to the thought plane. They, in turn, will go out to the akashic record on their own and to the collective unconscious and will be summoning further mischief as a consequence. This is a normal feedback loop that keeps everything matching and keeps things in a kind of flow according to the intentions of the person launching those thoughts. You can view this as an extension of the individual’s reach and power of thought, that their consciousness can create a mountain of misery quite readily if it is not careful. And this is the virtue in cultivating a positive perspective whenever one can, to help moderate the negative self-talk and keep it from growing too excessively, to the extent one can.

In terms of the big picture mechanistically, when things like physical illness manifests from past life or parallel life karmic trauma, what is the sequence of events? Is that due to the deep subconscious reaching out to query the akashic records and the collective unconscious and stirring up trouble, or does it start from the dark thoughts in the thought plane in response to a stressful event in the current life and go from there to accumulate additional negativity from the repositories that gets fed to the deep subconscious to worry about?

All of the above take place to one degree or another. It will be somewhat different in each and every instance, and a source of negativity darkens the landscape wherever it comes from, whether it is being discovered in the collective unconscious, whether it is too great an accumulation within the thought plane, or being stirred up from parallel lifetimes through a query to the akashic record. Any incoming negativity will register and cause a flurry of excitement to look at it more closely because of its threat potential. This is the slippery slope in having too much stress in one’s life, because it can cause the mind to run away with itself, so to speak, and begin to become so fearful that it undermines well-being and causes dysfunction in the life experience. (read more)

How effective, and what are the differences of the trauma resolution and negative belief replacements performed by the higher self and Creator working with the deep subconscious directly, compared to what is accomplished by a human facilitator working through the higher level of the subconscious with full conscious awareness on the part of the client?

As you have learned in working with your clients with multiple modalities, all levels of the mind have beliefs and have a particular kind of memory that is belief driven. The deep work done by higher self and Creator is perfect for working on the deep subconscious and upper subconscious levels of the mind, but working with the conscious level is not as straightforward because we cannot intrude on conscious thoughts. It is the conscious level that is most directly proceeding from the inner will of the person and to be a free agent means just that—to not be intruded upon. As you know also, the conscious will can be quite strong and the beliefs well entrenched that are negative about the self and other aspects of life, so there will be limits to what we can do from the divine realm in terms of a total makeover of an individual. This is why personal self-work in conjunction with a knowledgeable helper who can guide them through an effective self-healing process for belief replacement, can do wonders. (read more)

You have indicated that following a two-protocol approach with regular sessions, using both the LHP and DSMR protocols is best, to benefit members of the Divine Life Support plan to speed healing. Is it better to keep the LHP wording the way it is, and do a separate, even back-to-back, DSMR protocol session?

The latter is truly the case. As we have shared with you, the wording within the LHP is highly effective currently. What is needed is more of that kind of work, and that is what doing an extra session with the stand-alone DSMR will provide compared to repeating the entire LHP sequence. It is a shorter time span and body of work, to get 2 for 1, that is needed for enhanced effectiveness. The point is that for every LHP session done, it is advantageous to do at least two DSMR sessions. One is already built into the LHP, so doing a stand-alone DSMR session, even back-to-back, is very, very advantageous. And this is what makes our timeline benefits you have heard from us about the many, many advantages of the Divine Life Support strategy proposing this very thing—the use of both protocols on a regular basis—it will work just as effectively to soften the thinking of the Extraterrestrial Alliance as it will to raise up humanity and ready you for ascension.

Can you describe a Divine Life Support client or group, helped by the Lightworker Healing Protocol and Deep Subconscious Memory Reset Protocols we did on April 30, 2023? What were the most significant problems worked on, and the most significant benefits?

The individual we want to use as an example case study, for that month’s sessions was a youngster, a young boy who was becoming increasingly cantankerous, unruly, and oppositional, both at home and at school. This led to a series of assessments by psychologists and a psychiatric consult as well. The general consensus, although not unanimous, was that this individual suffered from the beginnings of a serious personality disorder with psychotic symptoms as well, and was thus in danger of progressing into a chronic, severe, and perhaps irreversible mental illness. The boy was becoming increasingly hostile with episodes of violence against peers and caretakers without any regard for his own safety or the consequences of his actions likely being met with swift and severe punishment. The sad fact was, his family was becoming afraid to live with him in their midst, leading to the likelihood of his becoming institutionalized eventually. His response to medication was uneven and compounded by his frequent noncompliance. (read more)

Karl (Mollison) began his healing career as a hypnotist. And it was certainly the mixed results he got with it that helped motivate him to explore subconscious healing beyond hypnosis—eventually resulting in the revelations of Empowered Prayer and The Lightworker Healing Protocol. Can Creator share with us the importance of that journey and its achievements?

This is a perfect illustration of what we have alluded to all during this discussion, that the subject you are probing, of hypnosis and the phenomenology uncovered by others using hypnotism as a tool to probe the mind, is providing important clues about how the mind functions and the possibility of sorting out key questions about how to make your lives better, (read more)


LHP Healing


Heal Your Past, Present and Future.


Does it seem that lifestyle, upbringing, habits, bad luck, or punishment of some kind, are the reasons for your pain, illness or failure to thrive?

What if mysterious causes that make bad things happen have been researched, validated and refined through years of meticulous inquiry and feedback from the ultimate source of knowledge?

Enjoy the benefits of a unique healing method developed through Divine Partnership.

Lightworker Healing Protocol by Get Wisdom

Healing/Clearing for:

Loved Ones
Home or Other Location
Help Departed Reach Heaven

Lightworker Healing Protocol works with the Divine
to remove causes of difficulty spanning multiple lifetimes!


It is the ONLY method that fully addresses healing lifetimes of karmic trauma, individually and collectively, of ourselves and our perpetrators.

Start Healing!


It takes much more than controlling your thoughts or staying positive.

The LHP is a divinely-inspired collaboration between a scientist and the Creator of All That Is. The only process specific enough to invoke actual divine healing techniques. It is the single method to include all karmic, historic and energetic causes of your life struggles, illness, and trauma .

You can reverse current or potential problems when you start early. We each have a mountain of unfinished Karmic business from our many lifetimes that we are responsible to heal. Don’t let this debt continue to grow.

HEALING AND WHY IT MATTERS (why healing is the answer to everything)

There are some pretty conventional explanations for all the struggles in our lives, and in the world around us. Everything wrong is generally seen as a failure of some kind: of institutions, of the government, of God, and of the support systems within our families, workplaces, communities, and relationships.

The actual causes are ignorance and wrongly assigned responsibility. We have been kept blind to the causes and when we don’t know what to do, we blame some force outside ourselves for the results.

What has been missing is a clear understanding of what is causing the chaos and how to fix it. None of the familiar remedies have lasting results on all the circumstances that disappointment us. Positive changes always seem to be temporary. Anything truly useful has always been dismissed or downplayed.

Fortunately, healing is the answer to everything! By using the only method that is a combination of scientific study and Divine Partnership we can begin to heal the causes of hardship that have been pursuing you from lifetime to lifetime.


healing influences

Reincarnation Reality

What do you believe about reincarnation?

Does the immortal soul of a human begin a new life in a new body, over the course of multiple lifetimes?

Is it real, or only for followers of fringe religions?

If you knew that reincarnation was real and that past lives actually influence the present and the future, what would you do differently?

The truth is:

All who are on the Earth at present are here to contribute to saving it.

They have chosen to reincarnate NOW to save and heal humanity.

Your most valued gift to the world is the healing of the karmic traumas from your past and all who have hurt you in some way.

By healing yourself, you heal your past, present, and future.

When you heal all who have wounded you in some way, their ability to do harm weakens.

Heal yourself, heal your perpetrators, heal humanity, save the world with LHP.

Relentless Karma

Karma gets you, not just the guy who is cruel and thoughtless.

Your many lifetimes collect karma, good and bad.

Karma is patient and relentless, waiting for the perfect time to balance the scale.

Karma accumulates when you’re the victim and when you’re the perpetrator.

Do you think you’ll see it coming?

Can you avoid paying the price forever?

What if:

You can heal your karmic burdens for this life, past lives, future lives with the LHP.

We can request Divine help with the Lightworker Healing Protocol to heal and release the causes of the karmic debt impacting your life in many ways.

You can take advantage of a process that is unique in depth and scope and the benefits it provides.

We can make precise requests on your behalf beyond ordinary prayer work or other energy healing methods.

Truth About Evil

Who does it serve to downplay the reality of evil?

Could dark actions be deliberately concealed to make you defenseless?

Are you really any safer when you ignore evil’s existence?

What if dark manipulation of you and all around you, have created the chaos seen in the World?

Evil is real, it is here and it is actively hidden.


We understand the many sources of evil.

We have asked Creator directly about what to do.

Our Lightworker Healing Protocol addresses all evil causes and how to heal them.

You don’t need to know them.

You don’t need to heal them alone.

We can do that for you.



Is it true that the average person has had 432 lifetimes on earth, or is there a more accurate figure?

That is a perfectly acceptable figure. As you can appreciate, it is constantly changing somewhat because of the ongoing births and deaths, the comings and goings, but it is a good ballpark estimate that applies to the existing reality.

Given that one out of three people have trouble making a full transition back to the light when they pass on and become an earthbound spirit, what can we tell people about the ideal way to prepare for their transition or that of a loved one?

The experience of transition is truly a situation that is dependent on level of vibration. The higher the vibration, the easier the passage and the more rapid it will occur. The level of vibration can be calibrated in terms of its match to loving kindness. The highest expression is one of rapture. Below that would be joy, as love in action is joyous and conveys this feeling to those who express or even witness it in action. Transition of the physical human back to light being status is truly a joyous event, but unfortunately not always perceived that way.

Is the energy of our karmic debts stored completely within our personal akashic records, and is this where our past life contracts and perhaps other energetic phenomena representing our karma reside?

As we explained previously, it is the storing of the event along with the pain and suffering created in the form of emotional energy that is imprinted with your energetic signature as the perpetrator. So, this forms the perfect cruise missile. It has got your name on it and it has the energy of all the suffering you caused your victim, and amplified in turn by pain radiating outward and being added to by many others around that person, especially their loved ones witnessing their suffering, or perhaps suffering in turn because you have caused discord in your victim and this caused others to suffer. Because it all owes to you, it will come back to you. So that missile will find its way and you will have it in your lap one day to deal with.

Is a karmic debt that needs rebalancing or repayment something owed to the wheel of karma itself, some kind of energetic watchdog, or is it solely the need to heal within ourselves the energy of our consciousness run amok which caused pain to ourselves or someone else?

It is a little bit of both. Both mechanisms and both phenomena are very integral to the overall dynamic of how karma is orchestrated. There are internal problems and there are external problems created by human behavior and interaction with the environment. There are many thoughtless acts which cause great harm but never even register on the perception. This is the carelessness exhibited by the bull in the china shop giving little thought to the fragile nature of things around it. (read more)

What is the divine perspective of the saying: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing?” Edmund Burke

This is a divine call to action that has been generated from the depths of the direst human circumstances and is a stirring reminder there is a need for vigilance, insight, and a clarity of thought and perception to not accept things at face value but to be cautious, to look deeper, and question everything, because most things done by humans are done in service to corrupt intentions and faulty institutions and their requirements, rules, and regulations. All of which cheapen the life experience and may be working against you to even shorten your lifespan. (read more)

One of the biggest obstacles to belief in the Divine is the so-called problem of evil: How could an all-powerful loving God allow evil acts to prevail??

The perception of evil is very much real and that is because humans are of divine origin and see things from a divine perspective. There is the possibility of corruption to the extent that evil becomes the standard of excellence and its pursuit seen as the attainment of greatness. That is the ultimate expression of an extreme absence of divine love. The atheist is on the spectrum somewhere between embracing and living through and for divine love and living in a disconnected state of unawareness of the Divine, and not engaging with the Divine in one’s life in an active way. (read more)

How important will the continued ongoing efforts of each and every Lightworker Healing Protocol practitioner still be, to the ambitious goal of solving the problem of evil?

You are all still very much needed to be in the fight, so to speak, continuing your efforts with fervor and enthusiasm, and a love-filled heart with as much passion and zeal as you can muster and focus in the doing. So it is not the case it is time to stand down because you have already reached the turning point. Prior predictions of your success in being victorious as LHP practitioners being the key force for good that will turn things around, was predicated on seeing in the future you would come up with these latest major enhancements to further leverage the power of the Protocol with greater than ever effectiveness. Seeing it coming in the future is not the same thing as it having arrived. So this was all dependent on your coming through at your end, to think of these developments you have added to the Protocol, to make it a reality and not simply a future projection of possibility. Now that the changes have been decided and shared with your practitioners, the ongoing Protocol work will be better than average, and this is what is needed to reach the turning point that has been long envisioned but only clear, truly, to us because you had not found all of the requisite pieces, that is, until now. The major things are in place. We are not saying to stop looking, only wanting to give you credit where it is due and further encouragement to your fellow healers that their efforts will pay off.



Creator Explains Origins and Meanings of Some Religious Teachings 12Mar2023

This Video Requires a FREE Participant Membership or Higher


Divine Perspectives – Creator Explains Origins and Meanings of Some Religious Teachings 12Mar2023

About The Webinar

  • Some religious teachings have surprising meanings and origins.
  • Learn Creator’s perspective.

Creator’s Recommended Daily Prayers

Creator’s Recommended Daily Prayers

Note: These prayers are empowered to include many recipients without reducing benefit to any individual.


“Source Creator, apply all my prayers each and every day, to myself, my loved ones, and every being everywhere across all time domains, in increments proportional to my spiritual reach, so no one is underserved and all are covered, eventually. Pool and apply the intentions of all similar prayers everywhere, as often as feasible, to augment their power.”

Raise Belief Quotient in the Divine and Oneself

“Source Creator, raise us up each and every day to feel divine love, to open to divine love, and to express divine love through us in all we do.”

Saving Oneself and Humanity

“Source Creator, be our partner in life each and every day, to keep us focused on love, receiving and giving, both to ourselves and to all those around us. Bring healing for the darkness in all its forms, to raise up the perpetrators so they stand down and free the tormented.”


“Source Creator, partner with us in our lives each and every day to keep us safe. Protect all in harm’s way by reducing or eliminating all dangerous weather, all natural and unnatural disasters, accidents and intentional injuries. Guide,  heal, support, and protect against all who oppose bringing forward the truth of the divine.”

Air, Food, Drink, Medication, and Supplement Blessing

“Source Creator, bless our air, food, drink, medications, and supplements each and every day, to remove all negativity and leave only what is highest and best. Add what is missing to create an ideal nutritional balance, heal any exaggerated consequences of nutrition, and restore a healthy equilibrium in the working of the body, for the well-being of all who partake.”


“Source Creator, help us, each and every day, to keep our bodies safe and strong in all ways by making healthy choices, and seek those things that reward and support a long and happy life. Augment our workouts and intermittent exercise by applying the benefits to days in between. Heal our life’s troubles, all inner discord and signs of illness within, according to our highest good. Reduce all symptoms to a minimum while complete healing is underway.”

Manifesting Abundance

“Source Creator, help us each and every day to find the best expression of our soul, to be rewarded in our lives with a flow of abundance to keep us safe, protected, supported, and have all of the benefits of financial security, to help us continue expressing the highest version of ourselves without fear and without worry.”

Harmful Hazards, Energies, Organisms, and Substances

“Source Creator, each and every day, remove or render harmless all dangerous hazards and energies, including harmful viruses and other organisms, all heavy metals and other harmful substances at toxic levels, from myself, my loved ones, and apply this prayer again and again as needed to help all affected beings and the Earth as a whole, to keep everyone safe, and restore well-being to the afflicted.”

Prayer of Thanks

“Source Creator, thank you for my life and all it teaches me, and the blessings of your love.”

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GetWisdom LIVE

This is a monthly livestream on YouTube, where a broad range of intriguing topics are explored in detail. Questions are prepared in advance by Brian Kelly and asked of Creator by Karl Mollison. The resulting responses from Creator are shared with the listening audience and discussed by Karl and Brian. Each livestream typically occurs on the last Friday of the month and is announced to members prior to the event.