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About The Webinar

How often do companion animals reincarnate to be with prior owners?
Creator explains how the divine realm can arrange a reunion, the frequency of occurrence, why two recent motion pictures accurately predict what can happen, and shares two real-life examples, one involving a prophetic dream that came true. We also explore the cardiovascular benefits of dog ownership.

Can the divine go into the past to heal animals and prevent suffering?
We will do a follow-up about a healing we did for a dog who suffered hind-limb paralysis as a surgical complication. A sharp viewer noticed a contradiction in our speculation about when the healing was accomplished, so we followed up and found the family was actually experiencing the enigmatic Mandela effect, remembering something as having happened even though it was subsequently prevented.

Can companion animal spirits interact with the living? 
​​​​​​​We will describe an interesting case report of spirit possession of a dog by a litter-mate she grew up with who had passed away, and an interesting cat visitation from the light.

What is the divine perspective of animal ethics?
Creator discusses real situations of people faced with whether to euthanize their pet, whether wild animals should be set free, and whether harmful pests deserve to be eliminated without suffering. We will also reveal food for thought about why companion animal cancer rates are escalating.

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