This Video Requires a FREE Participant Membership or Higher Webinar: Cellular Memory in Mental and Emotional Problems 19Sep2021

About The Webinar

How important is cellular consciousness of the brain and central nervous system? 
Creator discusses how the mind interacts frequently with cellular memory it adds to, and reacts to, in many ways from helpful to devastating. Over 90% of habits, good or bad, depend on cellular memory. Negative, self-limiting beliefs can reside within cellular consciousness. Changing persistent negativity of all kinds with lasting success, depends on understanding these mechanisms and provides a huge opportunity for successful therapeutic intervention.  

What kinds of mental health problems spring from cellular memory? 
Both anxiety and depression are largely dependent on a kind of cellular memory for their perpetuation. It also turns out that delusional thinking is a phenomenon of cellular consciousness, one of a number of heavily studied, but still misunderstood, psychological phenomena. This also applies to things like obsessive compulsive disorder and psychotic disorders, like schizophrenia. Corrupted cellular consciousness induced by spirit possession provides the key gateway and mechanism by which dark spirits induce the self-torment characteristic of chronic mental illness.

Can cognitive and other issues arise from impaired cellular consciousness? 
Creator discusses how cellular memory impairment complicates the lives of autistic individuals when their body is out of sync and can’t express their advanced minds. Dementias, like Alzheimer’s, are a defect of cellular consciousness. Mind control manipulation and external targeting to undermine people via both advanced technologies and psychic programming work by manipulating cellular consciousness.

Can cellular consciousness affecting the mind be healed? 
Creator explains how cellular memory problems can be healed using the Lightworker Healing Protocol as well as deep subconscious channeling with trauma resolution. Creator predicts they will be the answer for healing severe mental illness, as well as dementias and other mental and emotional dilemmas of many kinds.