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In many cases, physical pain has a lot to do with a person’s karmic wounds or spirit problems. Unfortunately, any form of physical discomfort is solely treated medically. Instead, it should be examined holistically.

While medical intervention is important, it’s not enough. A person’s mental, emotional, and spiritual state should be carefully looked into to help release any triggers or stressors that are contributing to the pain.

You may have heard that external manipulations are one of the many causes of physical pain. Is there any truth to this? Let’s probe deeper.

1.     The Intention Behind External Manipulation

Many people experience physical pain because of spirit meddler corruption and extraterrestrial mind manipulation. Karmic history may also be a significant cause.

When people are manipulated, they begin to think and act outside their own belief systems. This is the hallmark of external manipulation. The intention behind it is prompting people to do abnormal things that are not in line with their character.

These behaviors are exceptionally bizarre to the casual observer and indicate a darker influence that triggers aberrant behavior in the victim. Since people are forced to act out of character, their physical state is also affected. They may experience mild, moderate, or even severe pain.

The body is in a state of distress, and the warning signs are manifested in the form of pain. If the external manipulation is left undetected and unaddressed, the person may develop chronic pain.

2.     The Nature of the Attack

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External manipulations resemble high-level psychic attacks. However, there are some differences. These attacks are energetic and psychological. They are a fine-tuned rearrangement of energy within the quantum field.

According to Creator, “This is done via consciousness or the imposition of a manipulation designed to alter the beliefs and expectations of the target on a deep subconscious level.” This may stir up prior karmic episodes and contribute to emotional turmoil and physical pain.

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3. Seeking Help and Healing

If you have been experiencing physical pain, we strongly recommend seeking medical help and reaching out to us at Get Wisdom.

OurLightworker Healing Protocol sessions are designed to help people heal from their karmic wounds, spirit attachments, and external manipulations. We leverage advanced spiritual healing strategies to help you recover and get back on track.

We also reveal hidden truths of the world and provide more information about extraterrestrial abduction, extraterrestrial mind control, the process of helping departed ones reach heaven, and more. Explore our resources to get started.

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