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About The Webinar

Where Did the Latest Coronavirus Come From and Why? 
​​​​​​​There has been much confusion and speculation about whether the Wuhan China outbreak is one or multiple viruses; whether the pulmonary problem is as much due to air pollution or adverse effects of a 5G rollout underway in the region; and whether it’s an animal virus that spread from a “wet market” serving wild animal meats. Creator reveals the true story.

Important Things to Know About the Coronavirus COVID-19? 
We will explain Creator’s predictions about how easily it spreads; whether people can become carriers; and whether people can be reinfected.

Serious Symptoms Besides Decreased Pulmonary Function?
Although it’s still early along, we will explain the picture that’s emerging about tissue distribution and vulnerability to the virus, and the functions of the body that can be compromised.

What steps can be taken to protect COVID-19? 
​​​​​​​We will share Creator’s perspective on divine intervention to control epidemics and things people can do to promote safety. We have also obtained Creator’s blessing for a novel and powerful prayer designed for just such circumstances. To make it work, as usual, needs humans to make the effort to partner with Creator.

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Hello.. I just stubbed on this sight to listen to the free question to God.. honestly my bank account is over with drawn at this time I have been laid off due to slow work .. the Corona Virus

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