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About The Webinar

Are some traditional Chinese medicines helpful for Covid-19? 
​​​​​​​We will give Creator’s perspective on this approach, and summarize some available clinical data.

Are there any concerns about dogs or livestock harboring coronavirus? 
​​​​​​​We will share some commentary raising concerns, and bring you up to date on Creator’s explanations for why we needn’t worry about animals being an important vector for spreading the pandemic.

Are there new insights about protective measures? 
​​​​​​​Creator has answered further viewer questions about vitamins and other natural substances and their role in preventing or ameliorating Covid-19 infection and severity. We will discuss preliminary promising data for another drug that is inexpensive, FDA approved, and widely available. We will also share new insights about problems with lockdowns and effects of the pandemic on the young.

How safe and helpful are the various vaccines? 
​​​​​​​We asked Creator new viewer questions about safety and efficacy of the available shots amid the growing, but unwarranted, skepticism and fear.