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What we’ll cover in this event  …

Is Rational Thinking the Peak of Human Capability?
Mainstream science points to our presumed greater conscious awareness as emblematic of what distinguishes us as a species, compared to animals relying on instinct and conditioned behaviors. Creator clarifies what is missing in this argument, puts into perspective the unappreciated levels of the mind, and explains the difference between rational thinking and wisdom.

Is Creativity a Highly Refined Form of Rational Thinking?
Geniuses and others who are credited with high levels of creativity are assumed to be more intelligent and better at rational thinking. They somehow are able to hold more facts and information in their thoughts and continue them in new ways to come up with a new “discovery.” We get Creator’s help to demystify what is truly going on when people think “outside the box.”

Do We Have Our Own Inner Enemies of Rational Thought? 
Life is so often a struggle, with many inner obstacles that are unseen and poorly understood, like the negativity of past karmic trauma, and the fears and doubts we carry. All such sources of negativity work to undermine rational thinking, and appear to be the culprit causing us to make poor choices that limit our success. But is that the heart of the problem, or are there deeper issues?

When is Feeling Entitled Not Rational?
Human psychology is complex, often misinterpreted, and almost always incompletely understood. We explored with Creator’s help, the origins of entitlement based feelings and attitudes, and their true and deeper meanings. We also learned more about what caused the problem of fallen angels. This is an opportunity to better understand human behavior, how the universe works, and Creator’s plan for humanity as a human family.

Viewer Questions and Answers
The Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about divine perspective on rational thinking …

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