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Are There Too Many Dark Spirits for the Divine to Cope With?
The common presence of multiple spirit meddlers within most people raises uncomfortable questions: Are we out-numbered? Is the divine realm outnumbered by more dark beings than light? Creator explains where these beings come from and puts it all in perspective so we understand how we can prevail despite the opposition we face.

Can Spirit Meddlers Cause Medical Errors?
Spirit attachments are the cause of many automobile accidents, as well as many missteps in life. We illustrate why medical professionals are not immune to spirit influence and this reinforces the value of doing prayers of protection in every situation.

How Do Spirit Meddlers Cause Crime & Police Misconduct? 
Karl & Denny will describe some case study examples and use events from the news to share Creator’s insights about how the participants were manipulated by onboard spirit attachments to distort thinking and perceptions in ways leading to tragedy.

How Do Dark Spirits Stir Up Inner Karmic Fears?
Karl & Denny will describe the mechanism through which spirit attachments use the painful karmic history of their host to stir up inner turmoil and conflict below conscious awareness. This makes people continually vulnerable and leads to suffering on a chronic basis. This scourge can be overcome and eliminated, and will be the ultimate triumph of humanity when it is finally achieved.

Viewer Questions and Answers
The Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about spirit caused human problems …About 

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