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GetWisdom Webinar – Divine Life Support for You and Your Loved Ones 29Jan2023

Karl and Denny roll out upcoming changes to Get Wisdom Membership from Supporter to Divine Life Support.

Learn how we can be your advocate to request Divine assistance on a monthly basis, with two differing protocols: the Lightworker Healing Protocol, and Deep Subconscious Memory Reset. Lifelong coverage provides ongoing help and may prevent some major issues from happening. The sooner you start, the greater the odds of achieving major benefits: things like longer lifespan; avoiding dementia, heart problems, cancer, mobility issues, chronic pain; while improving relationships and happiness.
The Almighty will refer to your personal client wish-list to prioritize your needs, and will launch a series of healing maneuvers as requested by the many steps of our protocols, which cover all potential sources of negativity and are based on an understanding of how the Divine Realm heals.