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Rear Admiral Rico Botta Channeled by Karl Mollison 18March2017

Rico Botta was born in 1890 in Melbourne, Australia where he was a gifted automobile mechanic as a young teenager. With the invention of the airplane, he turned his interests to the repair and maintenance of aircraft engines. When he turned 18, Botta joined the US Naval Reserve Force.

By 1917 he became a naturalized citizen of the US and became an aviator for the US Navy Reserve Flying Corps. With his exceptional aviation and leadership skills he quickly rose through the ranks and had made Captain by the onset of World War II.

After serving as a top engineer for the Bureau of Aeronautics in Washington DC, by 1942 he was transferred to Naval Air Station San Diego as an Assembly and Repair Officer.

As William Tompkins reveals in his book, Selected by Extraterrestrials, Botta was secretly the head of a Navy spy ring consisting of 29 young sailors who infiltrated Nazi Germany and throughout the war brought back to San Diego highly classified intel on the Nazi’s development of interstellar space craft. From this information, the US Navy as well as private US defense contractors were able to begin their own spaceship program. After the war, Botta was retroactively promoted to Rear Admiral. Botta retired from the Navy in 1952.


Questions for Rear Admiral Rico Botta

 #1 Admiral Botta, did a teenage William Tompkins work for you at Naval Base San Diego during World War II?

#2 Tompkins claims that you ran a spy ring of 29 Navy sailors who infiltrated Nazi bases and brought back to San Diego enough information on the Nazi’s development of highly advanced space craft to facilitate over 1200 high-level briefings conducted by you and your officers. These 29 Navy spies were never detected traveling back and forth between Nazi Germany and San Diego during the entire length of the war. Did the Nordics provide some sort of security and protection to these deeply embedded Navy spies to enable this feat?

#3 Did the Nordics thereafter continue to assist the US Navy, and do the Nordics still assist the US Navy today – and if so, in what capacity?

#4 Admiral Botta, you retired from the Navy in December 1952. How involved were you in the development of a secret space program prior to and after your retirement from the Navy?

#5 World War II has been described as a ’proxy war’ between the Draco Reptilians who allied with the Nazis and the Nordics who allied with the US, Britain and the Soviet Union; two ET races that have a long history of conflict. Is this correct?

#6 If WWII was a proxy war, does this conflict between the Draco and the Nordics continue today and which Earth factions and nations do the Nordics currently support?

#7 What is your understanding of the Alien Agenda that exists today and what are your recommendations for those who wish to expose this agenda for the good of mankind?

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