Webinar: Urgent Divine Warnings About Disclosure 13Nov2022

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GetWisdom Webinar – Urgent Divine Warnings About Disclosure 13Nov2022

About The Webinar

Hear important new information about Disclosure.

Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol can help.

Disclosure Analysis with Karl Mollison and Denny Hunt 12Nov2022

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Disclosure Analysis with Karl Mollison and Denny Hunt 12Nov2022

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program for a Disclosure Analysis 12 Nov 2022

Is there something sinister about disclosure? Or is this just a sincere call for transparency from the world’s governments about their involvement with ET races?  Can it be both? 

What happens when you ask about disclosure using intuitive means?  Are there corrupted sources?

Who can we trust? Is there a danger lurking for the Human Family?

Karl and Denny delve into these questions and more.

For a primer on the topic from the perspective see What Price Disclosure?

Here are two questions where we will be sharing the answers in this special channeling series video:

1) This one was addressed to Dwight D, Eisenhower in the light – “Were you close to James Forrestal and did you agree with his opinions regarding public disclosure of the UFO and extraterrestrial information?”

2) And this one is addressed to Source Creator from one of our Lightworker Healing Protocol Practitioners:

“In regard to the disclosure agenda the Extraterrestrial Alliance are potentially planning, how do we reject their assistance? Seeing as how the major political leaders and organizations have been corrupted and may have either hybrids or Reptilians at the top, how do we tell them to leave us and not interfere without causing a backlash from them that would cause mass chaos and death? If the majority of people don’t accept them as potential leaders, will that be enough to start an ascension process of some kind? I can’t see that they would just accept our lack of support for them and leave us alone. I feel like they would continue subjugating us in some way. What can the average person do? Is this information sharing, such as the teachings at GetWisdom, what will potentially open our minds and help us save ourselves at that time?”

Join us as we investigate the topic of Disclosure from a decidedly different and more coherent perspective.

Victory to the Divine Human!

Arcturian Channeled by Karl Mollison 18Dec2019

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Arcturian Channeled by Karl Mollison 18Dec2019

In this interview Karl channels an Arcturian in the light, one identified as a supervisor of the Greys, which are an Arcturian creation – a race of soul-less biological robots that have plagued mankind for thousands of years along with not only the Arcturians, but also the Anunnaki and the Reptilians. We have the following 8 questions for this being who is currently in-between incarnations as an Arcturian being which, as a race, have positioned themselves as an ally of humans in the much of the currently accepted folklore about ET’s interacting with humans and their various governments and their agenda. They often masquerade as Nordics and/or Agarthans and are the most human-like of the cohort of negative extraterrestrials running the show here on earth. They were intimately involved with the Nazi programs of human extermination and later the agreements with the US military industrial complex.  They will have a very big part to play, most likely as the good guys, in the planned geo- and exo-political charade of Disclosure that will soon dominate the attention of humans all over earth as conditions here worsen.

Questions for the Arcturian

1) Were the non-divine creation of robotic Greys done as a way to circumnavigate the rebalancing force of karma so all programmed commands would not be traceable back to the Arcturians or to the Dark Alien Alliance?  

2) The memories of some SSP (MAP) abductees are so detailed about so many ET species, not just Anunnaki, classic Greys, Arcturians, and Reptilians. They describe Greys of many types from many locations, plasma beings, octopus beings, spider beings, reptoids, raptors, and all kinds of hybrids of these. And these interacting with humans in space and all over the cosmos, either in alliance or as enemies. Are these implanted false memories? If so, what is the purpose? Why all the details? 

3) Did the Anunnaki, Arcturian, and/or Reptilian ET races start out as a free will project like us, but then failed? Were there any other ET races corrupting the Anunnaki, Arcturian, and/or Reptilian ET races or was this corruption the result of the activities of fallen angelic beings only?

4) If humanity fails to achieve success in the Divine Human Free Will Experiment, will the universe will be destroyed and recycled into the next creation/experiment? Why hasn’t the universe been recycled yet? 

5) The Pleidians have been given an embargo from interacting with us on the earth plane according to the answer from Creator. However, if we make a request to Creator that the Pleaidians be permitted to intervene in preventing the Arcturians impersonating them on a psychic level would this be acceptable? In other words, since the request comes from humans, does that allow the Pleaidians to assist and circumvent the embargo?

6) Some SSP (MAP) abductees say there are many types of Greys from many origins and claim they have souls. Are ALL the Greys interacting with all humans in every case actually Arcturian-made soulless bio-robotic creations? 

7) If Arcturians, such as yourself who are supervisors of the Greys and are still incarnated, are selected as LHP clients without specificity since we have no names, are healed to some extent by the Lightworker Healing Protocol – does this healing translate into a lessening of harmful activities conducted by the Greys against Humanity? In other words, does healing work done for Arcturians mean that that Greys will retreat? 

8) The Agartha or inner earth human-like inhabitant stories, according to our current understanding, are actually more about Arcturians masquerading as such and portraying themselves as allies of humanity. We find a similar narrative regarding what is known as the Tall Whites and/or Nordics, those who have helped humans in the past and continue to do so by some accounts. What do you suggest that truth seekers note when determining the veracity of these narratives and accounts?

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Viewer Questions for Creator by Karl Mollison 08Aug2017

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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 08Aug2017

1)  Are actions such as abortion and assisted suicide deliberately seeded into the consciousness of humanity to create karmic debt?

2)  Has the opposition to such actions been deliberately exaggerated to ensure that much of humanity would dismiss the energetic consequences that may be buried in religious doctrine?

3)  Is it possible for a Creator’s plan to fail? Or is it by definition predestined because it is Creator’s plan?

4)  How is the light winning when the darkness seems so prevalent and even seems to be increasing?

5)  How great is the threat to humanity by artificial intelligence?

6)  It has been claimed that the representatives of an ET race have met physically with at least one human secret space program experiencer to promote their message for humanity, that is essentially the golden rule, that we need to become more service to others, raise our consciousness, and forgive ourselves and others. What can possibly be wrong with this?

7)  What is the significance of climate change and should it be considered anthropogenic?

8)  Are extraterrestrial and Earth based military abduction still occurring and what is the purpose?

Phil Schneider Channeled by Karl Mollison 05May2017

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Phil Schneider Channeled by Karl Mollison 05May2017

Phil Schneider was a geologist, engineer, and explosives expert who was employed by the government and government contractors during 1970s and 80’s in the boring of the covert tunnel system underneath the United States. This led to his exposure to many classified government projects and cover-ups including a battle between Grey extraterrestrials and U.S. soldiers in a deep underground base near Dulce New Mexico. Phil was born in 1947 to a Navy captain who himself was involved in A-bomb testing in the Pacific and the infamous “Philadelphia Experiment”.

As a protection against assassination, Phil began telling what he knew at various conferences and lectures during the 1990’s. He died in his Oregon home in 1996 under suspicious circumstances that authorities attributed to suicide.

Questions for Phil Schneider

  1. You were employed by the government as a geologist in the construction of massive tunnels under the Western part of North America, is this correct? How extensive is the tunnel system under America and across the world today? Are extraterrestrial beings also living in these underground bases and which ones?

  2. You reported a mishap that occurred in 1979 in a deep underground base located under a mesa near Dulce New Mexico. Can you elaborate on this incident? What was the purpose of the Dulce base? Was it recently damaged? If it was damaged can you elaborate? If it is still in operation; in what capacity?
  3. You felt certain that your father, Captain Oscar Schneider, was somehow involved in the “Philadelphia Experiment”. Have you verified this? Can you describe this project in detail and its effects on other time lines?

  4. You had a friend who told you about a Portland Oregon manufacturing company that received a portion of a government contract to build over 100,000 railroad cars with shackled seating, to accommodate 15 million prisoners. Can you verify that now? Is there an ongoing governmental plan to incarcerate U.S. Citizens in the future?

  5. It was reported that you committed suicide in your home in January 1996. Please relate exactly what happened to cause your death.

  6. Why was I strongly compelled to choose you as a subject for channeling at this time?

  7. What advice can you give to current government whistle blowers?

Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 27April2017

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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 27April2017

From Karl –

“So the idea of even talking to Creator is somewhat new for me. It took me years to get here. And I was influenced by the same notions that have been conveyed by the spiritual folk themselves “Oh you can’t really talk to Creator there’s too much energy there, it would be overwhelming, probably even fatal, if you tried to do that. Creator doesn’t deal with us, that’s what the angels are for blah, blah, blah” and so on.

 And I always assumed that was so.”

  1. If you were to be characterized as male or female to assist humans to understand you better which would be more accurate?
  2. What is the difference between a corrupted source and an uncorrupted source?
  3. Does a corrupted source depend on the source’s intention? What are the other factors?
  4. Would it be accurate to say that no good alien has an agenda to physically appear to humans?
  5. What can whistleblowers and others concerned about the interference by extraterrestrials do to help humanity?

Frank Wisner Channeled by Karl Mollison 24April2017

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Frank Wisner Channeled by Karl Mollison 24April2017

Frank Gardner Wisner

Frank was born in Mississippi in 1910 and was enlisted in the US Navy prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor.  By 1944 Frank was a spy in Romania for the OSS – the predecessor organization to the CIA.

It was Frank Wisner who helped to shape the spirit of the CIA. 

He was involved in nearly all of the most nefarious projects set before them in those days after WWII and his spying days with the OSS.

He was a member of the Georgetown Set, a co-ed group of leaders who would have great influence as an integral part of a shadow government of the US. He was a friend of James Forrestal and suspected by Hoover and McCarthy. 

By the time of the establishment of the CIA in1947, when Truman signed the National Security Act into law, Frank Wisner was an avowed anti-communist who then played a key role in the takeover of major US media through Operation Mockingbird, the overthrow of Iran & Guatemala and the loss of Hungary to the Soviets. 

This may have been the turning point for Frank since he witnessed perhaps the loss of 20,000 Hungarians in the uprising that was largely fostered through his clandestine funding and actions.

Darker days ensued as Frank’s world deteriorated. 

In 1965 he took his own life. 

Here is the real story; one of hope and healing.

Questions for Frank Wisner’s channeling session

1) What was it like for you before and after your spirit rescue?

2) Were you subjected to mind control in your incarnation as Frank Wisner? When did this start for you? Who conducted this mind control?

3) How did the perpetrators exploit you? What was your particular weakness?

4) Was there a karmic theme playing out relating to your previous incarnations? Can you explain?

5) Was your association with James Forrestal and his support for the creation of the CIA related to the cover up of the ET and UFO information?

6) Did you have any moments of spiritual clarity that helped you to understand what was really going behind the scenes? 

7) What was the reason for your apparent deep connection to Hungary?

8) What drove you to your decision to end your life?

9) Is there a message for those who serve in the various intelligence agencies and/or secret space programs when they seek encouragement to serve the Light?

Thanks for joining us and Victory to the Divine Human!

Ann Robards Channeled by Karl Mollison 08April2017

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Ann Robards Channeled by Karl Mollison 08April2017

Ann Robards

We know very little about her.

Karl received her name from his primary source in the Light.

She was identified as someone who could tell us about an extraterrestrial slave colony and her involvement and tragic experiences there.

She and her family were abducted from their home at night approximately 30 years ago in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Some will dismiss this as nonsense and that is certainly understandable.

However, some of the testimony here is corroborated by other testimony received from other experiencer’s as can be found on this YouTube and elsewhere.

Perhaps some will say that Ann’s experience and the greater issue of the alien manipulation and enslavement of man needs to be exposed in all its sordid detail for the purposes of justice and perhaps forgiveness.

That is for you to decide. Thanks for joining us and Victory to the Light!




Rear Admiral Rico Botta Channeled by Karl Mollison 18March2017

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Rear Admiral Rico Botta Channeled by Karl Mollison 18March2017

Rico Botta was born in 1890 in Melbourne, Australia where he was a gifted automobile mechanic as a young teenager. With the invention of the airplane, he turned his interests to the repair and maintenance of aircraft engines. When he turned 18, Botta joined the US Naval Reserve Force.

By 1917 he became a naturalized citizen of the US and became an aviator for the US Navy Reserve Flying Corps. With his exceptional aviation and leadership skills he quickly rose through the ranks and had made Captain by the onset of World War II.

After serving as a top engineer for the Bureau of Aeronautics in Washington DC, by 1942 he was transferred to Naval Air Station San Diego as an Assembly and Repair Officer.

As William Tompkins reveals in his book, Selected by Extraterrestrials, Botta was secretly the head of a Navy spy ring consisting of 29 young sailors who infiltrated Nazi Germany and throughout the war brought back to San Diego highly classified intel on the Nazi’s development of interstellar space craft. From this information, the US Navy as well as private US defense contractors were able to begin their own spaceship program. After the war, Botta was retroactively promoted to Rear Admiral. Botta retired from the Navy in 1952.


Questions for Rear Admiral Rico Botta

 #1 Admiral Botta, did a teenage William Tompkins work for you at Naval Base San Diego during World War II?

#2 Tompkins claims that you ran a spy ring of 29 Navy sailors who infiltrated Nazi bases and brought back to San Diego enough information on the Nazi’s development of highly advanced space craft to facilitate over 1200 high-level briefings conducted by you and your officers. These 29 Navy spies were never detected traveling back and forth between Nazi Germany and San Diego during the entire length of the war. Did the Nordics provide some sort of security and protection to these deeply embedded Navy spies to enable this feat?

#3 Did the Nordics thereafter continue to assist the US Navy, and do the Nordics still assist the US Navy today – and if so, in what capacity?

#4 Admiral Botta, you retired from the Navy in December 1952. How involved were you in the development of a secret space program prior to and after your retirement from the Navy?

#5 World War II has been described as a ’proxy war’ between the Draco Reptilians who allied with the Nazis and the Nordics who allied with the US, Britain and the Soviet Union; two ET races that have a long history of conflict. Is this correct?

#6 If WWII was a proxy war, does this conflict between the Draco and the Nordics continue today and which Earth factions and nations do the Nordics currently support?

#7 What is your understanding of the Alien Agenda that exists today and what are your recommendations for those who wish to expose this agenda for the good of mankind?